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We Chose Goodland

Sami Windle Around Goodland, Behind The Scenes, Exhibits, Treasures around Goodland

What do you get with five Grant Jr. High students, their ideas, and the museum?  An all new exhibit entitled "We Chose Goodland" being displayed at Mann's Jewelry/Smitty's Sports!  (more…)

All Aboard!

Sami Windle Exhibits, Treasures around Goodland

Here at the High Plains Museum we have the exhibit of Goodland Treasurers up.  This exhibit shows some of the treasurers of Goodland as well as explaining why Goodland is special.  One of Goodland’s treasures would be the railroad.  The railroad started the serve Goodland in 1888 and continues

Ring! Ring! Who’s there?

Sami Windle Exhibits, Treasures around Goodland

On the corner of 10th and Main Street sits a building that once was the center of communication and is now a storage facility for the County.  During the 1930’s through the 1970’s, the Telephone Building was a vital part of Goodland life and now serves as a reminder of beautiful architecture

You can always go Downtown

Sami Windle Around Goodland, Treasures around Goodland

Take a look down Goodland’s Main Street.  What do you see?  Today’s main street looks very different from that of 1920.  No longer do we have a dirt road but paved brick, and while some of the businesses have gone, some of them are still there but with different names. (more…)

Gone Fishin’

Sami Windle Around Goodland, Treasures around Goodland

In Sherman County we have the Smoky Garden River.  While it may not always have water in it anymore, at one time it was a local hang-out.  From Dr. Gulick to families having a BBQ to 4-H kids learning how to fish the Smoky Garden has been a part of our community. (more…)

The one room schoolhouse and Sherman County

Sami Windle Around Goodland, Treasures around Goodland

When Sherman County was first started children went to school in one room school houses.  It was very different from how it is now, with some children only going three months and eight grades were taught in the same room all together!  Teachers taught with whatever they had on hand and boys and gi

Old ‘Engine 99’

Sami Windle Treasures around Goodland

In the library facing 8th Street is a beautiful stained glass window.  The window is of a train and is entitled Old ‘Engine 99.’  The train is representative of a railroad that used to come through Goodland.  That railroad was the Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Railway and it brought the firs

The Theater in Goodland

Sami Windle Treasures around Goodland

The Sherman County Theater has had quite a journey to get where it is today.  Before we had this theater there were three other theaters in town; the Crystal Theater, the Only Theater, and the Lyric Theater.  These were placed in existing buildings around town including the Goodland State Bank and