Police Department

Police Department

Police Department

The Goodland Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency responsible for enforcing state statutes and city ordinances within the boundaries of the City of Goodland.  The Department is comprised of nine officers and one civilian employee.  Twenty four hour patrol coverage is provided by a dedicated patrol division.  The Department also has a full time investigator and a narcotics detecting police canine.



The Goodland Police Department is dedicated to producing Officers that live their lives by a code of honor.  We believe that the duties the community entrusts us with are sacred.  In light of the great trust that is placed in us, we pledge to always do the right thing, even when it isn’t the easiest thing to do.


The Goodland Police Department understands that evil often preys on weakness, and can often only be overcome by strength.  We understand that Officers may often be called upon to place themselves in harms way in order to protect the community.  As such, we encourage our Officers to constantly strive toward physical, mental, and emotional preparedness.


The Goodland Police Department understands that we are employed by the community to fulfill certain duties.  We know that when someone calls us for assistance, their needs are very important.  We acknowledge the financial sacrifices that the community makes in order to have a Police Department and we understand the importance of the role we fill.  As such, we strive to be a service-oriented agency that treats each call for help with the utmost consideration.


The Goodland Police Department is dedicated to striving for excellence in everything we do.  It is our goal to be known as the finest law enforcement agency in the region.


To make Goodland a safe and comfortable place to live while adhering to our core values of Honor, Courage, Service, and Excellence.