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The Story of Sherman County

Sami Windle Around Goodland

2013 marks the 125th Anniversary of the establishment of Goodland, distinguishing Goodland as the County Seat of a young county. The story of Sherman County is similar to many of the experiences of communities on the Great Plains and their struggle for dominance.Of interest to the particular topic i

Mirror Mirror in My Hand…

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Treasures From The Collection

Did you ever think a mirror could save your life?  Men who served in World War I and were in the trenches depended on the Militalic Mirror.  The Militalic Mirror not only aided in trench warfare but also helped control to some extent disease.  (more…)

Happy Easter Everybody

Sami Windle News

In observance of the Easter Holiday the High Plains Museum will be open until noon on Friday the 29th and closed on Saturday the 30th.  We will reopen April 1st at 9:00 AM. Currently on display is Earth From Space, which is a Smithsonian poster exhibit that shows land satellite images from all ove

BLAST OFF with the High Plains Museum this April

Sami Windle Events, News

The High Plains Museum is pleased to offer an exciting array of programming in April to showcase the current exhibit Earth From Space on display through July 29th. The High Plains Museum will be offering a variety of activities to spotlight space and land satellite images, as well as celebrating Ear

Burnt toast? Not anymore!

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Goodland's Treasures

You wake up in the morning and put some bread in the toaster.  You want to get the perfect toast and set the dial to your optimal setting.  You leave the toast for a minute to finish getting ready and when you get back your toast is done.  Luckily you did not have to wait and flip your own toast

That’s the way the finger sandwich crumbles

Sami Windle Exhibits, Goodland's Treasures

You are at home or a restaurant and you cut into a roll.  Then you notice that there are crumbs on the tablecloth or table and brush them away.  Did you know that brushing crumbs away used to be a part of American dining during the Victorian Era?  Or that someone would come and do that for you? 

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!

Sami Windle Events

Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the High Plains Museum this Saturday, March 16th, from 1-5 PM! At the celebration you will learn about St. Patrick and why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day as well some lucky symbols from around the world.  For each lucky symbol talked about there is a fun craft

You did the mash…the potato mash!

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Treasures From The Collection

Ever look at your potato masher and wonder about the story behind it? In our collections we have a wooden potato masher that while our object does not contain much history, the history behind the object itself is very interesting. (more…)

A smokin’ good time

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Treasures From The Collection

The High Plains Museum began collecting in 1959, and  those many years of collecting have yielded a collection of fascinating objects. The HPM cannot display all these objects at once, instead we curate an exhibit to feature certain objects. Ever wonder what objects the museum has stored? Each wee