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In The Fields of Time Exhibit at High Plains Museum (January -March 2023)

In The Fields of Time Exhibit at High Plains Museum (January -March 2023)

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The High Plains Museum is hosting a traveling exhibit from the Kauffman Museum that features archaeology.  The exhibit will run from January 6 to March 12.  We are pleased to collaborate with the Fick Fossil Museum and the Trego County Historical Society Museum for this exhibit.  Our

Traveling Exhibit “Bison” coming to High Plains Museum

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Goodland – The traveling exhibit “Bison” is coming to the High Plains Museum, January 23 through mid-March.  This exhibit will explore the past, present and future of our state and national mammal.  Patrons can expect an interactive environment that combines history, artifacts and hands-on a

Connecting Lives Sharing Culture: 100 Years of AFS

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The High Plains Museum and the Goodland AFS Chapter have put together an exhibit on 100 years of AFS and how this organization has connected lives and shared cultures. Connecting Lives, Sharing Culture: 100 Years of AFS tells the story of the AFS organization and how it has changed people’s lives

“Sun” Sets on the Earth From Space Exhibit

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July 29th the Smithsonian and USGS exhibit Earth From Space will close. Get in to see the 20 poster exhibit of startling views of our planet from outer space captured by the Landsat Satellites. Also enjoy our 180 degree immersive theater which displays a journey of our sky and beyond. Join us for a

A Whole New View

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Have you been wondering how the High Plains Museum's current exhibit Earth From Space relates to you?  Earth From Space is a poster exhibit that features images captured by Landsats.  Landsats or land satellites orbit the Earth and take pictures from all over the planet.  These pictures include

That’s the way the finger sandwich crumbles

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You are at home or a restaurant and you cut into a roll.  Then you notice that there are crumbs on the tablecloth or table and brush them away.  Did you know that brushing crumbs away used to be a part of American dining during the Victorian Era?  Or that someone would come and do that for you? 

Space Walk

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The first Saturday of March through July the High Plains Museum will host the Space Walk Program. This program is a come and go from 1:00 to 5:00 PM and will feature a different theme each month that relates to our current exhibit Earth From Space. March will be all about weather.  Take a look a

Currently showing at the High Plains Museum… Earth From Space

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Come see the Earth through a new perspective!  Showing now at the High Plains Museum is Earth From Space a poster exhibit from the Smithsonian and the United States Geological Survey.  We also have our own planetarium immersive experience where the visitor can view the constellations, and see if y

Copernicus and the High Plains Museum

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Today is Nicolaus Copernicus’ 540th birthday!  Copernicus is known as the founder of modern astronomy because of his study of the sky.  (more…)