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“How Big Was the Artist?”: Taking a Look at the Big Easel Project

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On the Rotary Visitor guestbook at the Big Easel there are plenty of great questions and appreciative comments. Of the many great questions, "How big was the artist/paint brush?", is one of our favorites. Cameron Cross, the artist behind the Big Easel Project, is 5'10". Pretty normal sized guy.

The Big Easel is ready to Relaunch!

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Cameron Cross, the Big Easel artist, has nearly completed his work repairing and repainting Goodland's Big Easel. The painting had been removed from the easel July 11th to get work done on the faded and worn "canvas." To celebrate the completion of the "Repaint, Repair, Relaunch" project, the City

Repaint, Repair, Relaunch!

Sami Windle Around Goodland, Goodland's Treasures, News

Repair! Repaint! Relaunch! Cameron Cross returns this summer to celebrate and reinvigorate the Big Easel painting in Goodland. The Big Easel has stood in Goodland celebrating art and sunflower agriculture for 11 years. Installed on June 19, 2001, the painting by artist Cameron Cross is a reproduc

Get Your Draw On!

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The celebrate the Big Easel, come by the High Plains Museum Saturday, July 7th, from 1 to 5pm to design your own Big Easel t-shirt!  We're celbrating the Big Easel as the artist of the Big Easel, Cameron Cross, is back in Goodland to touch up the painting.   Drop by the museum this Saturday