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Let The Music Play!

Sami Windle Treasures From The Collection

Did you know in the early 1900's Goodland had a ladies band?  The picture on the left shows an early ladies band from 1908.  Only three of the musicians are known; Ida Derby, Anna Neruda and Kate Neruda Kolacny and unfortunately we do not know which ones in the photograph they are.  The other m

All Aboard!

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Treasures From The Collection

Imagine you are in the year 1876 and you were traveling on the railroad out west.  How would you know what time trains arrive and depart from stations or find a map of the area you are traveling through?  These questions are answered in the railroads timetable!  Timetables are the booklet that th

High Flying Adventure

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Treasures From The Collection

The photograph shows the dedication of the Central Airlines Service into the Goodland Airport in 1960.  On the top step we see Marjorie Cogswell, followed by two unknown women and the man is Mayor John Cogswell.  Named after Dr. Renner for his prominence in the flying community, today Renner Fie

Aren’t You A Dandy?

Sami Windle 1 Comment Behind The Scenes, Treasures From The Collection

Al Capone, Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp and Jessica Chastain all have one thing common, and it has to do with their shoes!  What is this commonality?  Spats! (more…)