Public Works

Public Works

Public Works

The Public Works Department is a collection of other departments, Street & Alley, Parks, Water, & Waste Water Departments.

The City of Goodland Water Department is staffed by a three person crew, and is responsible for the installation, maintenance, replacement and repair of main water lines, water meters, and fire hydrants. This department is also responsible for locating the city’s main lines for purposes of excavation by others and any tapping of any main line for secondary service lines when required.

The Water Department maintains and operates the eleven (11) water wells that supply all water to the City of Goodland. The City pumps approximately 600,000 million gallons of water per year to supply the needs of the community. In addition, the City has four elevated water storage towers capable of storing approximately 1.5 million gallons of water, and it is the responsibility of the water department to inspect and maintain this system. The Water Department also is responsible for the operation of the Water Treatment Plant, which aids with the treatment of nitrates in the system. In 2009 the City was granted 1.3 million dollars through ARRA Stimulus Monies to construct the Water Treatment Facility.

The City of Goodland Wastewater Department employs two persons. This department is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the City’s main sewer lines, lift stations, and wastewater treatment facility.

To report a water leak or to ask questions about tapping onto a main sewer line for connection of secondary service lines, to report a blockage, or for information about the sewer and water systems, you may contact Neal Thornburg at 785-890-4540 or call the City Office @ 785-890-4512.

Every year, in July, the utility sends out a copy of the Consumer Confidence Report. This report contains information about the quality of the water the City has provided to its customers the previous year.Water is a precious commodity with which we need to take great measures to be resourceful and conserve what is provided to each of us. Please take time to look over the annual water quality report. The report contains details about where the water comes from, how it is treated, what it contains and how it compares to standards set forth by regulatory agencies. It contains vital information about your drinking water. A copy of this report can be obtained from this page, from the menu on the homepage, or is available at the City Office.

Annual Water Report

The City of Goodland Street & Alley Department employs eight persons. This department handles all street and alley maintenance and repair including weed control and mowing of public right-of-ways. This department is also responsible for some repair of public buildings and facilities, snow removal, street sweeping, and the maintenance, replacement and installation of street signage inside the city boundaries.

During the Spring and Summer months great care is taken by the department to maintain the streets by preparing them for the improvements of the streets, curb, gutter and sidewalks of the community. In the Fall and Winter months, snow removal and ice control are top priorities of the department. Great care is taken to remove the snow in a timely fashion to allow citizens and businesses to carry on with their daily activities. Salt is applied as conditions dictate in an effort to help motorists start and stop their vehicles as safely as possible. Information about the Emergency Routes and Ordinance are available at the City Office. Citizens will be notified by local radio should the need arise to put these emergency routes into effect. Kenton Keith, Street and Alley Foreman can be reached at 785-890-4540.

The City of Goodland Parks & Recreation Department employs a staff of three persons. This Department is responsible for maintaining nine public parks, eight outdoor tennis courts, a public swimming pool, two outdoor basketball courts, horseshoe pits, and a sports complex containing four softball fields, baseball field, two concession facilities and a children’s playground area.