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Officer! Officer! There’s a robbery happening!

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Today when a crime is committed police officers have a variety of different ways to communicate with each other.  With the help of e-mail, phones and radios, officers can alert other officers about criminals.  In the 1900s however, officers did not have the technological advances and had to rely o

Serve & Protect Special Reception Today

Sami Windle Exhibits

Today from 2:00 to 5:00 PM the High Plains Museum is hosting the opening reception for it's newest exhibit Serve & Protect: The Story of the Goodland Police Department. Step out from the cold and into history at the High Plains Museum. Armed with coffee and donuts, uncover the story of the Good

The Way We Work: Professional Opinionators

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Work is a huge part of who we are. It forms part of our identity, it keeps us busy and it provides for our families. In preparation for the upcoming Smithsonian exhibit “The Way We Worked”at the High Plains Museum, we would like to share a series of local work stories. The consequences of our