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Space, Land Satellites and Weather Oh My!

Sami Windle Events

This Thursday, April 4th at 4:00 PM Dave Floyd from the National Weather Service will be coming to talk at the High Plains Museum about how the Weather Bureau uses land satellites in their daily operations.  Explore the product of these satellites in our current exhibit Earth From Space, a series

Community Builders: A man with a weather eye

Sami Windle Exhibits

The travelling exhibit The Way We Worked by the Smithsonian is about showcasing how Americans have worked through the years.  The exhibit shows what changes have occurred in the workforce in America from the mid-19th century and the late 20th century.  Just like America, Goodland’s workforce a

Is there a storm brewin’?

Sami Windle Around Goodland

When severe weather is coming, when we want to know how much snow to expect, or when we are listening for the temperature we all listen to information provided by the National Weather Service.  In Northwest Kansas, we have a regional office in Goodland. The National Weather Bureau Service is loca