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It’s your last chance!

Sami Windle Exhibits

This is the last week for the Goodland Police Department exhibit at the museum.  The exhibit will be coming down Monday December 3, so this is your last chance to see it. The exhibit Protect and Serve: The Story of the Goodland Police Department tells the history of the police in Sherman County

Officer! Officer! There’s a robbery happening!

Sami Windle Exhibits

Today when a crime is committed police officers have a variety of different ways to communicate with each other.  With the help of e-mail, phones and radios, officers can alert other officers about criminals.  In the 1900s however, officers did not have the technological advances and had to rely o

Serve & Protect: The Story of the Goodland Police Department

Sami Windle 2 Comments Events, Exhibits

Coming soon to the High Plains Museum is the exhibit Serve & Protect: The Story of the Goodland Police Department. Learn about the history of the Goodland P.D. through this interactive exhibit that chronicles the development of the Goodland Police Department from the days of the wild frontier