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Old ‘Engine 99’

Sami Windle Treasures around Goodland

In the library facing 8th Street is a beautiful stained glass window.  The window is of a train and is entitled Old ‘Engine 99.’  The train is representative of a railroad that used to come through Goodland.  That railroad was the Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Railway and it brought the firs

Black Kettle

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Black Kettle was a wild horse that used to roam freely in Sherman County with a number of other wild horses before it was settled.  Black Kettle became famous because it seemed no man could catch him.  It was told that his mane and tail were so long that when resting they reached the ground.  Man

The Theater in Goodland

Sami Windle Treasures around Goodland

The Sherman County Theater has had quite a journey to get where it is today.  Before we had this theater there were three other theaters in town; the Crystal Theater, the Only Theater, and the Lyric Theater.  These were placed in existing buildings around town including the Goodland State Bank and

Celebrate Kansas with the HPM on Kansas Day!

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Come join us at the High Plains Museum for Kansas Day January 29, 2012 from 1-4 P.M.  Enjoy fun and games, snacks, and a great opportunity to interact with the family friendly “K is for Kansas”, and view the beautiful sights of Kansas in “Considering the Commonplace” photography exhibit. He

Sentinels of the Plains: Grain Elevators

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Goodland's skyline, much like the skyline of many Great Plains towns, is marked by grain elevators. Goodland has several grain elevators along the railroad that extend along the edge of town (forming a  typical "T" town shape to Goodland). (more…)

Tales from Goodland

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The City of Goodland's Economic Development Director Michael Solomon has launched the blog "Tales from Goodland" to chronicle life and business in Goodland. Follow his blog to see stunning photography of Goodland and read colorful vignettes about the trials and exultations of living in Northwest K