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We Won’t Be Laboring on Labor Day

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The High Plains Museum will be closed Monday September 2nd for Labor Day.  We will reopen to the public on Wednesday September 4 at 9:00 A.M.  The current exhibit at the High Plains Museum is "Connecting Lives, Sharing Cultures: 100 Years of AFS."  This exhibit features the history of AFS nationa

We Did Fan The Fire!

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Have you ever pumped up an air mattress or a basketball with a foot pump?  If not you can imagine the work that goes into that.  Now can you imagine a time when you had to pump your fire either in your home or business.  While we might not be able to imagine it today many people used an object ca

The Canteen, Can Can, Help You Too!

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Treasures From The Collection

Canteens have been used by many people in different situations.  They are perhaps best known for being used by service men and women.  Originally canteens used by soldiers were made of wood with a nozzle.  Soon materials like tin, aluminum or other types of metal were used to make canteens. (more

Connecting Lives Sharing Culture: 100 Years of AFS

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The High Plains Museum and the Goodland AFS Chapter have put together an exhibit on 100 years of AFS and how this organization has connected lives and shared cultures. Connecting Lives, Sharing Culture: 100 Years of AFS tells the story of the AFS organization and how it has changed people’s lives

Let’s Get Rollin’!

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Treasures From The Collection

Sugar cookies in different shapes, pies, and pizza crusts; three foods most of us can't get enough of.  Did you know that these three foods share something in common?  Before they are baked they are rolled flat by an object that most of us have in our kitchens but may not be used frequently.  Th