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Construction Zone!

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It's Construction Zone time at the High Plains Museum for First Saturday programming!  This Saturday we will be learning about the different types of bridges.  Once you've learned about a bridge try and built it using Imagination Playground!  Construction Zone is a come and go event held at the H

Get Your Hobby On!

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Hobby Clubs started in the early 1900’s and were for men with hobbies.  According to the 1911 Constitution of the Hobby Club, Article 1 “The object of the club shall be to encourage the collection of literary, artistic and scientific works; to aid in the development of literary, artistic and

Open Wide! Let’s See Those Pearly Whites!

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The tooth is the hardest part of the body, but that doesn’t mean it is impenetrable.  Cavities can form even in the best cared for mouth.   Cavities form when the enamel covering the tooth becomes covered with plaque.  The plaque builds up and secretes acid.  This acid will eventually create

Call the doctor!

Sami Windle Treasures From The Collection

Goodland has had some very prominent doctors over the years, and one such doctor was Doctor A.C. Gulick.  Born in 1869 in Wisconsin he earned his degree at the Medical College at Philadelphia and took classes at the Chicago School of Medicine and the University of Kansas and spent time with the M

Sphygmomanometer – What a name!

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Treasures From The Collection

Sphygmomanometer.  We’ve all seen one before and probably even used one before; we just did not know its name.  So what is a sphygmomanometer you ask? (more…)