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Attack of the Germs! The Germs Want You!

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Goodland's Treasures

During cold and flu season you see the signs up saying to wash your hands to prevent the spread of germs.  Did you know that during ancient times people believed that infection and disease were due to evil spirits or demons and were punishment for sin?  As time continued science made strides in th

Last chance to see “The Way We Worked”

Sami Windle Exhibits

The traveling exhibit The Way We Worked from the Smithsonian is coming to an end at the High Plains Museum.  This is your last week to see this amazing exhibit as it will be coming down next  Monday! (more…)

The Work behind “The Way We Worked”

Sami Windle Behind The Scenes, Exhibits

For 125 years people of Goodland have worked many different jobs that have helped define Goodland and Sherman County.  The High Plains Museum collects and shares these stories with the public as its main focus of work, which was made easy given the national lens on work offered in the Smithsonian

Serve & Protect Special Reception Today

Sami Windle Exhibits

Today from 2:00 to 5:00 PM the High Plains Museum is hosting the opening reception for it's newest exhibit Serve & Protect: The Story of the Goodland Police Department. Step out from the cold and into history at the High Plains Museum. Armed with coffee and donuts, uncover the story of the Good

Serve & Protect: The Story of the Goodland Police Department

Sami Windle 2 Comments Events, Exhibits

Coming soon to the High Plains Museum is the exhibit Serve & Protect: The Story of the Goodland Police Department. Learn about the history of the Goodland P.D. through this interactive exhibit that chronicles the development of the Goodland Police Department from the days of the wild frontier

All Aboard!

Sami Windle Exhibits, Treasures around Goodland

Here at the High Plains Museum we have the exhibit of Goodland Treasurers up.  This exhibit shows some of the treasurers of Goodland as well as explaining why Goodland is special.  One of Goodland’s treasures would be the railroad.  The railroad started the serve Goodland in 1888 and continues

Ring! Ring! Who’s there?

Sami Windle Exhibits, Treasures around Goodland

On the corner of 10th and Main Street sits a building that once was the center of communication and is now a storage facility for the County.  During the 1930’s through the 1970’s, the Telephone Building was a vital part of Goodland life and now serves as a reminder of beautiful architecture

You can always go Downtown

Sami Windle Around Goodland, Treasures around Goodland

Take a look down Goodland’s Main Street.  What do you see?  Today’s main street looks very different from that of 1920.  No longer do we have a dirt road but paved brick, and while some of the businesses have gone, some of them are still there but with different names. (more…)

Houses shaped like a grinder?

Sami Windle 2 Comments Around Goodland, Treasures From The Collection

When Goodland was first becoming a town, the people who decided to make Goodland their home needed homes.  This was a building period, as settlers built their own dwellings made from materials they could find easily.  Carpenters would put houses up as fast as they could and for little money, as m