Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary Procedures

1st offense: Warning issued
2nd offense: Access denied to pool facilities for 15 minutes up to as needed
3rd offense: Expulsion from facilities for the day
4th offense: May result in expulsion for the summer at the Pool Managers discretion.

All disciplinary procedures are subject to change due to severity of offense and discretion of the pool manager.

Upon expulsion of the facilities, a parent or guardian of underage patrons will be notified. A parent or guardian may be asked to meet with the Pool Manager before pool privileges are returned.

In the case of severe offenses, a meeting will be scheduled with the Pool Manager, City Manager, the violator, and parents.

Breaking the rules of common society include:

  • Abuse of other’s property
  • Abuse of another person
  • Foul or abusive language or behavior that makes other patrons uncomfortable
  • Behavior that detracts from the enjoyment or safety of other patrons
  • Actions or behavior that physically damages the pool or its image

* This does not limit any behavior that the manager would see fit that is not mentioned above. Patrons who are in violation of any of these rules and are unwilling to follow the disciplinary procedure outlined by the guard on duty will be asked to leave the pool. Patrons who are unwilling to comply or leave the pool will be removed by the Goodland Police Department. Any patron removed by law enforcement will not be allowed to return to the facilities for the remainder of the summer. In instances where a patron must be expelled for the summer the guard should turn the matter, along with complete information, over to the Pool Manager for disciplinary procedures. The Pool Manager, and the guard involved shall review the information and confirm the expulsion of the swimmer. All instances where a patron violates another individual shall result in immediate removal from the facility. This will include the proper paper work filed as well as a phone call to their parents. The violator will only be released to their parents and or the police department should this occur.