Last chance to see “The Way We Worked”

Last chance to see “The Way We Worked”

Sami Windle Exhibits

The traveling exhibit The Way We Worked from the Smithsonian is coming to an end at the High Plains Museum.  This is your last week to see this amazing exhibit as it will be coming down next  Monday!

The Way We Worked chronciles how Americans have worked over the past 150 years through photographs from our National Archives.  Four sections are highlighted that include where, how, who and why we work.  Each section contains personal stories of workers as well as information regarding work.  Accompaning The Way We Work is an in-house exhibit 125 Years of Work: The Story of Community Building which presents the story of Goodland’s work history.

Sami Philbrick, the education coordinator, giving a tour to the sixth graders of Goodland.
Sami Philbrick, the education coordinator, giving a tour of The Way We Worked  to the sixth graders of Goodland.

These exhibits will be coming down Monday the 28th so the last chance to see them will be this week!  The High Plains Museum will be hosting a closing reception for The Way We Worked on Saturday January 26th as well as offering extended hours on Sunday January 27th from 1:00 to 5:00. Featured on Sunday is the Student Film Festival at the Sherman Theater.

From 7:00 – 10:00 PM on Saturday, January 26th the closing reception for The Way We Worked will be held at the High Plains Museum with an eceonomic development discussion facilitated by Michael Solomon, the City of Goodland’s Economic Development Director.  On Sunday, January 27th at the Sherman Theater starting at 4:00 PM the Student Film Festival, “Through Our Eyes: Goodland Student Film Festival” will be showing a film created by a group of Goodland students.  This film will showcase work done in Goodland and how this work affects our community.  The High Plains Museum will also be open on Sunday the 27th from 1:00 – 5:00 PM.

Stop by the museum to see this traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian before it’s gone!  The Way We Worked is sponsored by the Kansas Humanities Council.