It’s your last chance!

It’s your last chance!

Sami Windle Exhibits

This is the last week for the Goodland Police Department exhibit at the museum.  The exhibit will be coming down Monday December 3, so this is your last chance to see it.

Police force surrounding the home of E. Bartholomew where the train robbers were taking refuge.

The exhibit Protect and Serve: The Story of the Goodland Police Department tells the history of the police in Sherman County and Goodland.  Starting from the founding of the county, the exhibit explains how the lawless prairies came to have law men.  A history of the Goodland Police Department follows with some of the tools police must use in their job.

The exhibit also contains several interactives for the whole family.  You can learn about branding and make your own brand on our blackboard cow, learn how police train by trying your hand at our shooting range, take your picture like you have been arrested and kids can play in the police car and jail.

Hurry on down to the High Plains Museum to see this exhibit!  It won’t be here much longer and there is a lot for you to learn!  Find out more on our Facebook page about this unique exhibit.