Is there a storm brewin’?

Is there a storm brewin’?

Sami Windle Around Goodland

When severe weather is coming, when we want to know how much snow to expect, or when we are listening for the temperature we all listen to information provided by the National Weather Service.  In Northwest Kansas, we have a regional office in Goodland. The National Weather Bureau Service is located near the airport and fair grounds at 920 Armory Road.  But how was the Weather Bureau started in Goodland?

Photo of a man typing at the National Weather Service Office 1958.

The Weather Bureau was established by Frank J. Horton in 1919.  Horton originally started with only two observations a day being recorded; one at 6:00 A.M. and the other at 6:00 P.M.  This was started as a hobby by Horton to track the differences in our weather.  In 1921 the National Weather Service contacted Horton and the Weather Bureau was organized into a second order station.  This meant that only important information was recorded, such as temperature and major storms.  Instead of two reports a day, now four reports were made.  Starting in 1929 when planes began to carry mail into the Goodland Airport, reports were sent to Chicago every three hours.  Eventually Horton helped establish the Weather Bureau as a first order station where measurements were taken and everything was monitored hourly.

Today the National Weather Service in Goodland is a vital part of our community.  They keep us updated on the weather conditions and provide warnings.  On their website, not only can you find the weather and temperature but one can also find watches and warnings, observations, forecast graphics, rivers and lakes, climate, and fire weather.  There are also several radar images available.  How to prepare for severe weather can also be found online.  The Weather Bureau also offers storm spotter classes, for those looking for more information.  If you visit the National Weather Bureau Service you can take a tour and see how they forecast the weather. 

The Weather Service in Goodland was started by Frank J. Horton as a hobby.  In 1921 the National Weather Service contacted Horton to set up a National Weather Service in Goodland.  Horton was instrumental in establishing the Weather Service here in Goodland.  Today the Weather Service helps us stay informed about serve weather, the temperature highs and lows, and radar images.