A beautiful new addition was made to the Goodland Cemetery in August 2019! Referred to as an “Ossuarium”, it is a space to store cremains which combines a traditional columbarium with a shared ossuary vault in the center. As cremation becomes an increasingly popular funeral service, this new monument was purchased to ensure that the Goodland community has many options on how to handle such an important aspect of life. Interested parties are able to purchase a “niche” or a reservation in the ossuary vault.

A niche is approximately 12”x12” and will hold a maximum of two 6”x10” vase-style urns or two 5.5”x5.5”x7” box-style urns. Niches are sold on a first-come, first-served basis as there are only 80 niches available. Niche prices are based upon the desired row and are all-inclusive prices: purchase of the niche space includes one opening and closing (inurnment) and the inscription on the niche front. Purchase of reservation in the ossuary vault includes one opening and closing and inscription on the memorial band.

Niche prices are as follows:

  • Top Row: $1,500
  • Second Row: $1,400
  •  Third Row: $1,300
  •  Fourth Row: $1,200
  • Ossuary Vault: $400

PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE OSSUARIUM. We know we have many interested individuals since its installation, but we ask that you do not press on the niches or otherwise touch the Ossuarium.