Building Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

Building Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

What can I build on my property?

The Building Official can assist with the type of project and the zoning district it is located within. The zoning district sets the requirements on what types of projects are allowed.

When do I need plans?

Plans are usually required for new construction in any zoning district, any project other than minor remodeling work, minor plumbing, minor electrical, and minor mechanical repairs.

What can I plant in my yard?

Any kind of grass that isn’t considered to be a weed.

          City Code Sec. 7-502 defines weeds as follows:

          Weeds, as used herein, means any of the following:

                   (1)Brush and woody vines shall be classified as weeds;

                   (2)Weeds and grasses which may attain such large growth as to become, when dry, a fire menace to adjacent improved property;

                   (3)Weeds which bear or may bear seeds of a downy or wingy nature.

                   (4)Weeds which are located in an area which harbors rats, insects, animals, reptiles, or any other creature which either may or does constitute a menace to health, public safety or welfare;

                   (5)Weeds and grasses on or about residential property which, because of its height, has a blighting influence on the neighborhood. Any such weeds and indigenous grasses shall be presumed to be blighting if they exceed eight inches in height.

How do I contact the Building Official?

You can go to the City Building and ask for the Building Official, or you can call their office at 785-890-4550.

Do I have to come to the City building to pick up a permit?

Not always. You can go on the City Of Goodland’s website at You will go to the Departments tab and when the drop down menu appears select Building Inspector/Code Enforcement. From there on the right hand side will be a small menu with the option called Building Permit Application Form. Enter the information on the application and hit submit. You will still need to make a payment to finalize the process after review by the Building Inspector. Your payment can be done over the phone by card or you can come in and pay in person.

Is a permit required for all work?

Any work involving structural, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning would normally require a permit. If you have questions on if you should obtain a building permit call the Building Official at (785) 890-4550.

Do I have to hire a contractor?

You must hire a contractor to do your construction work, except under the following conditions:

  • You are the appropriate type of contractor
  • You are a residential property owner who does the work yourself, only on your own property, or
  • For residential work, the owner can be listed as general contractor for all work and hire anyone they want except for electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work.

For Commercial and Industrial work a Contractor must always be hired.

Can I hire a contractor that is located outside of the city?

You can hire a contractor from outside, but they must first obtain a license to work within city limits. They can apply for their license on the City of Goodland’s website at You will go to the Departments tab and when the drop down menu appears select Building Inspector /Code Enforcement. From there on the right hand side will be a small menu with the option called Contractor Licensing Application. Click on that link attached the required documentation and submit. You will need to come in and Pay the licensing fee or call in and make the payment over the phone. Once all documentation has been received, it will then be reviewed by The Board of Trades and Appeals for issuance. Once approved a license will be issued.

Can a Contractor do any type of work?

A contractor can only do the work listed under the scope of their license.

(e.g. a plumbing contractor cannot do electrical wiring, a mechanical contractor cannot construct a building).

What inspections are required?

Upon receiving your permit, a list of applicable inspections will be given to the applicant that explains what inspections are needed, when to call, and the number at which the Building Official can be reached. If there are questions as to whether an inspection is needed, please feel free to call the Building Officials Office.

Who do I call to get an inspection?

You can request an inspection for any type of work by calling the Building Official’s office at 785-890-4550. Be sure to have the address for which the inspection is needed, the type of inspection requested, the contractor doing the work, and when the inspection is needed. A 24 hour notice is recommended for all inspections, but may be performed with short notice if the Building Official is available. You can also request an inspection on line by visiting You will go to the Departments tab and when the drop down menu appears select Building Inspector/Code Enforcement. From there on the right hand side will be a small menu with the option called Contact – Building Inspection. Fill out the form and it will be delivered to the Building Official. The Building Official will reach out to    you and verify the information submitted, and the time and date of the inspection.

Is a certificate required for all projects?

No. A certificate of occupancy is only required when:

  • It is new construction, or
  • Whenever the occupancy classification of a building changes
How do I obtain a Certificate of Occupancy?

A Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained from the Building Officials office after all final inspections have been approved.

What are City Hall’s hours of operation?

City Hall’s hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Our Offices are closed for all major holidays. You may contact City Hall at (785) 890-4500. City Hall is located at 204 W. 11th Street.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

You may either call City Hall at (785) 890-4500 and ask for the Code Enforcement Officer or stop by the office to lodge a Complaint.

Contact the Code Enforcement Office at (785) 890- 4550

Can I remain anonymous when filing a complaint?

Yes you can. Any and all complaints will be investigated and dealt with appropriately. Contact Code Enforcement Office at (785) 890-4550 if you have any questions.