April 1, 2024 Commission Minutes

April 1, 2024 Commission Minutes

April 1, 2024 Commission Minutes

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Regular Meeting

April 1, 2024                                                                                                                         5:00 P.M.

Mayor Aaron Thompson called the meeting to order with Vice-Mayor J. J. Howard, Commissioner Jason Showalter, Commissioner Ann Myers and Commissioner Brook Redlin responding to roll call. 

Also present were Dustin Bedore – Director of Electric Utilities, Jason Erhart –Chief of Police, Joshua Jordan – IT Director, Kenton Keith – Director of Streets and Facilities, Neal Thornburg – Director of Water and Wastewater, Danny Krayca – Director of Parks, Zach Hildebrand – Code Enforcement/Building Official, Jake Kling – City Attorney, Mary Volk – City Clerk and Kent Brown – City Manager.

Mayor Thompson led Pledge of Allegiance



  1. 03/18/24 Commission Meeting Minutes
  2. Appropriation Ordinances: 2024-07, 2024-07A, and 2024-P07

ON A MOTION by Commissioner Redlin to approve Consent Agenda seconded by Commissioner Myers.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.  


  1. Park Mower Bids – Danny stated, several bids were received.  We are requesting purchase of mower from American Implement for $20,717.14 as it is the only mower that met specifications.  Mayor Thompson asked, there were a couple bids that came in significantly lower, why are we not considering them?  Danny stated, the mowers have 50% less horsepower and warranty is not as good as American Implement.  Commissioner Redlin stated, the bid from Yost was lower.  Danny stated, again the horsepower is less and warranty from American Implement is better.  In our current fleet, we use same mower type so parts interchange.  We used mowers with less horsepower in the past, they do not last as long and we spend more money on repairs.  Our agreement with the GAC is to supply a mower to them for ballparks.  I try to keep a separate mower for city buildings.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Redlin to approve the mower bid from American Implement for $20,717.14 seconded by Commissioner Myers.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0. 
  2. MOU 911 Backup Site – Crissy Ridnour, Sherman County Communication Director stated, we received approval to build a 911 backup site at the police department.  The site is about 90% complete so we need an MOU between the City and Sherman County.  Both attorney’s have reviewed the agreement.  Jason stated, they have the two back rooms.  They are responsible for the heat and air conditioning they added.  If we get a grant for a generator, the City will be responsible for maintenance.  Commissioner Showalter asked, is there any equipment that we need to maintain operations?  Crissy stated, no if our facility in city building is unusable we are fully functional offsite.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Showalter to approve the MOU between Sherman County and the City of Goodland regarding the installation and operation of a backup 911 center in the Goodland Police Department at 720 Armory Road seconded by Commissioner Redlin.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  3. 2024 Utility Charge Offs – Mary stated, annually staff requests the Commission to authorize charge off of unpaid balances on utility accounts in which the City no longer has any correspondence with the customer.  The list is for customers we have not had contact with for three years.  We will continue trying to collect balances through our collection agencies or if the customer moves back to Goodland.  Total balance requesting to charge off is $17,916.17.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Showalter to approve utility charge offs in the amount of $17,916.17 seconded by Commissioner Redlin.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0. 
  4. Street Project Material Quotes – Kenton stated, I received quotes on a number of items needed to proceed on the Cherry Street improvement project in the budget between 19th Street and Highway 24.  I recommend approval of the quote from M6 Concrete Accessories for $16,264.90 so we can get materials ordered.  Commissioner Showalter asked, have you used this company before?  Kenton stated, I have not used them before.  Kent stated, in previous communities we purchased from them without a problem.  Kenton stated, the material cost is less but concrete prices are increasing.  ON A MOTION by Mayor Thompson to approve the quote from M6 Concrete Accessories in the amount of $16,294.90 seconded by Vice-Mayor Howard.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  5. Letter of Support – KHITC Tax Credit Application: Golden Sunset Addition, LLC – Kent stated, this request came in late last week.  The request is from Randy Speaker with the Northwest Kansas Economic Innovation Center recommending Golden Sunset Addition, LLC utilize tax credits for housing addition on Cattletrail.  Gennifer House with Golden Sunset Addition, LLC, is requesting the Commission consider approving a letter of support for a tax credit application with the Kansas Housing Investor Tax Credit (KHITC) organization.   Randy is assisting Gennifer and Golden Sunset Addition, LLC, with setting up a Roll Over Loan Model with two homes a year for five years.  The letter of intent to apply for KHITC funds is due April 5th, and the due date for the actual application is April 19th.   The letter of support from the City would help in the application process by indicating there is a need for housing in Goodland and that the City is in support of the housing development of Golden Sunset Addition, LLC on Cattletrail. Construction will begin with 1506 and 1514 Cattletrail then continue if these two homes sell.  The City supports Golden Sunset Addition, LLC applying for tax credits that would reduce the cost to actual buyers through the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation.  Another request may come later where they can apply for MIH grant but the request tonight is only for the letter of support. These credits are available for any citizens and there is no guarantee it will be awarded to Golden Sunset Addition, LLC.  Commissioner Showalter stated, we are being asked to provide a letter of support for a citizen that is trying to assist us with the housing crisis in Goodland.  I appreciate Gennifer assisting to make Goodland a better place.  If we need to sign more letters of support, we will.  ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Howard to approve a letter of support for the tax credit application by Golden Sunset Addition, LLC to the KHITC in regards to the two homes being built at 1506 and 1514 Cattletrail seconded by Commissioner Showalter.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.


  1. Highway 24 Parcel Discussion – Kent stated, included in the packet are aerials of the industrial park and the lot on Highway 24.  The City received a Sheriff’s deed for the Highway 24 property in 2009.  The property is a former motel site that was torn down and demolition costs assessed against the property.   Jake is reviewing a possible sale agreement as Raul and Lisa Rodriguez have expressed interest in the property.  However, with the Sheriff’s deed, in order to gain title insurance to the property, additional action would need to be taken by either the City or the proposed owner.  After 15 years, we can go through the process to gain quiet title or they can get a quitclaim deed, which will be a hurdle in financing the property.  A quiet title action will cost about $2,500, as we have to go through District Court.  The City or new owner can pay the fees.  Another issue we may have is there may be other people wanting the lot.  I had an inquiry on the lot in recent past.  If multiple people are interested, there are other ways to sell property.  This lot is not listed for sale while the Industrial park lots have been for sale.  Mayor Thompson asked, what do we want to do with property?  Are we interested in selling outright to someone that will build on property for appropriate use or do we want to advertise property for sale?  With title issue, I believe it would be easiest just to sell property.  Jake stated, if your intent is to sell, the obstacle you are going to face is someone wanting to build without clear title.  If the individual only wants to pay cash and park on the lot, it will not matter to the City.  The property owner will have to face the issue.  No one will sell insurance with a Sherriff’s deed, as the institution cannot finance without clear title.  Commissioner Showalter stated, we know what we want done on property, but wonder if a better move would be to give lot to SCCD to use for economic development.  They are making those decisions and might be a better fit for them to decide how to use lot.  In our first discussion, I stated I did not want to see land in Industrial Park used for a parking lot but they want to build on lot.  What is more industrial than that?  We do not want that type of business in a residential district.  I do not have a problem with them using industrial park lot.  Vice-Mayor Howard stated, they are requesting lot right next to Nutrien Ag.  If they want to build on the lot to improve property, we should allow it.  We need to set a price for lots.  Jake stated, be careful not to pigeon hole the City because land values change.  If you can get a price from a realtor that will help.  Vice-Mayor Howard stated, they want to expand their business.  Mayor Thompson stated, regarding property on Highway 24, I agree with Commissioner Showalter as SCCD could use lot for economic development.  I feel we need to get title taken care of so someone can have clear title.  Kent stated, time might become an obstacle if they wait for clear title.  Consensus of commission is for the City to proceed with process for quiet title on Highway 24 property then determine how we want to proceed on property.  Mayor Thompson asked, on the industrial park lots how do we want to proceed?  I do not think we want to list all the lots for sale at once.  Once we get utilities and concrete road it will help make lots attractive.  I have been thinking about that lot since our last discussion.  What Rodriquez’s want to do is not outside the realm of the industrial park.  There are many empty lots out there available for other businesses.  If we want to sell this lot to them, we need to get a value.  Commissioner Myers stated, at this point in time their business is appropriate.  Mayor Thompson stated, Nutrien Ag owns a lot then rents the lot which is next to property Rodriguez’s have been discussing.  Commissioner Redlin stated, I would leave it up to the Rodriguez’s to determine which lot they want.  If they want to wait for us to get title cleared, they need to understand it will take time, but if they want lot in Industrial Park, I agree to sell lot.  Mayor Thompson asked, how do we determine price of lot?  Kent stated, I received a letter from one real estate agent in town that provided price ranges for both pieces of property.  He discloses the information are rough estimates.  The price for Highway 24 would be a little higher price because of location, property has an entrance and utilities exist.  Commissioner Myers stated, I agree with Commissioner Showalter on giving Highway 24 lot to SCCD for economic development.  Mayor Thompson stated, looking at the estimate, I feel $30,000 is a good price.  Kent stated, staff will check with buyers and put together sales information for commission.  We will work on the title process for Highway 24 property.  Consensus of commission is agreement with Kent. 
  2. Residential Zoning: Text Amendment Ordinance to Planning Commission – Kent stated, as previously discussed, staff put together these ordinances and asked Barb Cole from Community Matters Institute to review and comment so the Commission can review prior to presenting to the Planning Commission.  We will present commission comments to planning commission for them to review and recommend approval to City Commission.  Zach stated, one item I feel needs discussed is Section 1: item 2Ba pertaining to number of accessory structures on property.  Do you want it limited by number or size?  Mayor Thompson asked, would it better to limit structures by a percentage of lot?  Zach stated, I feel that would be better, current code is 50% of lot.  Another item in that section is 2Db for quasi-public and recreation uses.  The hospital is located in residential zone.  Being in residential zone we do not have to have hearing if modify facility, which has been a topic of conversation.  They work well in residential zone but the downside is the sirens and noise from helicopter.  Should they be in a residential zone, many times they are not in a residential zone.  Mayor Thompson stated, the hospital is in the process of determining what they need to do with facility because of its age.  We need to keep this in mind with the process they are facing.  Zach stated, another discussion point is in the second ordinance pertaining to multi-family.  If we allow ADU’s do we need to reconsider size of family?  Current definition is six unrelated people.  If we follow International Property Maintenance Code, the number of people is based on size of living and dining room.  Mayor Thompson stated, ADU’s would be smaller than a house so may be a better way to address issue.  We do not want to make it confusing.  Kent stated, both ordinances will be presented to Planning Commission next week, along with the ordinance to change downtown zoning from commercial to mixed-use district.  Mayor Thompson stated, I like the layout of ordinances presented, showing what is changing. 


  1. City Manager – 1.  Manager memo is in the packet.  2. Joshua is applying for four different grants through cyber security. Joshua stated, I am able to apply for grants for anything that is outdated and cannot be updated.  The grants are available for all public entities with a 10% match.   One of the grants is for ten new MDT’s for police department, which cost between $2,500 and $ 3,500 each.  A second grant is for a new server because ours is about at the end of life.  NAS is a grant for risk and resiliency for offsite operation of your systems.  Another grant is for networking equipment.  Mayor Thompson asked, would we replace the equipment either way?  Joshua stated, yes it will all need to be replaced.  We put money away annually for the backbone that makes everything else run.  Our last server cost $6,000 but a new one is $45,000.  This would require me to save all the backbone money for four years.  I like to buy merchandise returned without damage because it is less expensive, but with grants, we have to purchase new equipment.  With MDT’s they have to purchase either way because they are outdated.  Mayor Thompson stated, I hope we get them all.  3.  Kenton stated, the area of the leak in the diesel fuel tank system is still open.  After last commission meeting, the State asked for further testing because of proximity to our water well.  The worst-case scenario is we are looking at the State trust fund for remediation.  Topeka will come out for more testing.  Kent stated, there is a monitoring well between the site and our water well.  Westhusing’s have not been back to complete line test.  They did come back because it was still leaking so we had to go with a submersible pump because the part was obsolete.  At this point, we are waiting on the State to let us know we can proceed with closing it up.  4.  Johnson Controls started annual sewer maintenance and cleaning.  They placed a note on the door to notify customers.  Neal stated, they are completing 8th to 17th Street, beginning at Broadway, working toward Arcade.  5. Airport Board is meeting Friday and will be discussing a lease that has not begun construction, which is a condition of the lease.  He will not have a building permit filed by end of lease but he does have information regarding construction of the hangar.  6.  Commissioner Showalter stated, I had a conversation the other day regarding property we are leasing to Roadway.  If that property is not used to benefit the City, I wonder what we can do to utilize property.  Kent stated, it became a dead end and made it hard for us to proceed.  Jake stated, they filed restructuring bankruptcy and their lease is paid in advance, so they are not in violation of lease.  When trying to get in touch with bankruptcy attorney, they will not return a call and there is very little we can do.  Commissioner Showalter stated, I wish we could get it back because the current condition is not benefitting the City.  Jake stated, Roadway does not have control of the property; it is with the bankruptcy attorney’s since the plan is to restructure. 
  2. City Commissioners

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ADJOURNMENT WAS HAD ON A MOTION BY Commissioner Redlin seconded by Commissioner Showalter.  Motion carried by unanimous VOTE, meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.  Next meeting is scheduled for April 15, 2024. 


ATTEST:                                                                               Aaron Thompson, Mayor


Mary P. Volk, City Clerk