High Plains Museum Kansas Day Scavenger Hunt

High Plains Museum Kansas Day Scavenger Hunt

High Plains Museum Kansas Day Scavenger Hunt

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When: Saturday, January 29th 2022

About: On the High Plains Museum Kansas Day Scavenger Hunt you will get to venture to locations in Sherman County to see structures and objects that hold significant meaning to our town history!


  • You can visit the places in whatever order you please.
  • At each location take a selfie/photo of your adventure.
  • With all the photos you can claim a prize from the High Plains Museum and be entered for a grand prize!
  • If you find yourself stumped please call 785-890-4595 for an extra clue.

Location 1: Soar and softly land into the very north side of town. Here you will find a place where planes and helicopters can land in Sherman County. The construction of the original Renner Field was completed on November 22, 1934. Soon thereafter, there was an expansion to the land and the Butterfly Café was added to the ground.

Location 2: Many early residents of Sherman County were brought into this world and kept alive by this doctor! A place for all the children to play can be found on Caldwell St.  In 1949 it was dedicated in his remembrance.

Location 3: Old Engine ‘99 isn’t a broadway musical but you can find this object there. Made in 1911 it was originally placed in the Methodist Church and has since then found its home amongst pages full of adventure on north side of its current location.

Location 4: Now it’s time to hit the bricks, by putting on the Ritz! This building used to be the Sherman County Opera House and in 2011 there was a mural painted on the north side that depicts normal activities that would take place in the Opera House.

Location 5: Stay on the bricks and head to the building where you would speak to the operator before your connection was made. In the past several years this building was restored and taken back to its original architecture.

Location 6: Signed, sealed, and delivered is “Rural Free Delivery”! Installed on March 4th of 1937, it was one of 26 murals painted in these buildings across the country during the Great Depression.

Location 7: Let’s get Goghing to check out our state flower from far below! 80 feet up, this structure was placed in Sherman County in 2001.