Let’s Get Growing!

Let’s Get Growing!

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High Plains Museum │ PM1936PEO A young 4-Her from the Smoky Hill Garden 4-H Club shows off the year’s vegetable crop, circa 1957.
High Plains Museum │ PM1936PEO
A young 4-Her from the Smoky Hill Garden 4-H Club shows off the year’s vegetable crop, circa 1957.

Rediscover Our Heritage

In Northwest Kansas, agriculture is who we were, who we are, and who we will become; it is the lifeblood of our community.  Gradually, however, connections are being lost on a personal level.

To reconnect with agriculture, the High Plains Museum proposes to create an outdoor agriculture exhibit with a community garden as the centerpiece—a living, growing experience.

The garden would function as a place for the community to come together, to learn gardening skills, plant husbandry, and food science, and, most importantly, foster vital connections.

Through the garden, participants and visitors will examine agriculture’s historical and present significance in Sherman County life, as the garden demonstrates farming on a small scale.

The Difference a Green Thumb Makes

According to the American Community Garden Association, “Multiple studies in recent years have clearly demonstrated the benefits of community gardens: they increase urban green space, provide fresh produce, give children a constructive activity, enhance property values, build connections between diverse neighbors, and even reduce crime.”

Gardening is an incredibly beneficial activity that empowers and educates individuals, providing a toolkit of skills and knowledge that promotes a self-reliant, nutritious, healthy lifestyle. As a community, we want to extend the benefits of this activity to everyone in Goodland and improve the quality of life and reconnect residents to our agricultural heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a community garden?
A community garden is a piece of land shared by friends and neighbors for growing vegetables and flowers and for providing opportunities for positive social interactions, education, and recreation.

Who can garden?
Anyone can participate in the community garden. Plots can be maintained individually or by families, groups, or clubs. You can also do more than garden. You can volunteer to mentor another gardener, teach a gardening class, help maintain common areas, and more!

What will it cost?
Plots may be rented for an annual fee to be worked on by individuals or groups. The fee will help maintain the garden.
Costs of supplies, plants, and seeds vary, but cost should not prohibit anyone from participating. Sunflower Extension will have plants for a trail garden.

The Seeds

A small group of individuals germinated the idea of a community garden as a place to grow a healthy and active lifestyle while teaching valuable agricultural understanding and skills. With agriculture vitally important to our community, it should stand in the center. Many are familiar with agriculture—we see wheat growing and combines running—but does everyone truly grasp agriculture’s magnitude?

Also, to understand where we’re going, we should know from where we’ve come. In this project, we hope to find our roots and get our hands dirty
By giving participants the opportunity to cultivate their own gardens, people connect with the earth and their community. The mission of this project is to provide a rewarding agricultural experience for all who participate and visit the garden.

If you are interested in participating, let us know! Fill out our survey online, or at the High Plains Museum, Library, or City Offices. Call (785-890-4595) or email (museumdir@goodlandks.us) to find out more.

Let’s Get Growing!

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