July 2023 Sewer Cleaning

July 2023 Sewer Cleaning

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The City of Goodland has hired Johnson Service Company to clean sewer lines and rehabilitate portions of the sewer system.

Sewer Cleaning Notification

Sewer Lines can develop air pressure or a partial vacuum from the cleaning process. Usually any excess air pressure or vacuum will dissipate through your plumbing vents, but occasionally there are homes with inadequate plumbing vents (no vents, undersized vents or obstructed vents).

In the case of inadequate venting air pressure could escape through your toilet, floor, sink, tub, or shower drains causing water to splash out or, a vacuum could draw the water out of your fixture traps causing an unpleasant odor.

To guard against this possibility please:

  • Cover all floor drains with plastic and place a weight on the plastic
  • Cover all toilets with plastic and close the lid on the plastic
  • If you should experience an unpleasant odor, run water into each drain to re-fill the traps

Water and drains may be used as normal. The cleaning of sanitary sewer is necessary to help prevent stoppages.

Thank you for your cooperation and our apologies for this inconvenience.

  • Monday
    • 9 – Alley between Wyoming and Colorado and 12th and 13th St.
    • 10 – Alley between 15th and 16th and Colorado and Texas Ave
  • Tuesday
    • 11 – East Alley between 16th and 17th and Montana and Kansas