February 13, 2023 Planning Commission Minutes

February 13, 2023 Planning Commission Minutes

February 13, 2023 Planning Commission Minutes

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City of Goodland Planning Commission Minutes



The February 13, 2023 meeting of the Planning Commission was called to order at 6:09 p.m. Planning commissioners in attendance: Grady Bonsall, Wallace Hansen and Matt McKenzie.  Dennis Snethen was absent. Staff in attendance: Kent Brown, City Manager and Jeff Dinkel, Building Official.  Breanne and Curtis Penrod were in attendance to present the Goodland Tech site plan for 1103 Main St., a second location different from the site plan presented at a previous planning commission meeting. 

2. Public Comment

There was no public comment

  1.   Discussion on Site Plans.   Sec. 19-1302. – Applicability – The Building Official shall

require that all applications for building permits for new buildings or expansion of any existing buildings in multifamily, commercial and industrial zoning districts be subject to Site Plan Review in accordance with these regulations.  

  1. Goodland Tech – 1103 Main St. – redesign building interior.

Breanne presented the plans of the existing building that were included in the agenda packet.  Building is under contract; but, the applicant, MasterCard by Goodland Tech, wanted to get ahead of the requirement for site plan review.   Breanne reviewed the proposed building plans with the Commission.  The remodel will be on the building interior.  The one main entrance/exit at the front of the building will remain.  The intent is to keep it under 50 person occupancy.  The walls on the interior will be flex walls except for three executive offices.   There will be two main conference rooms and also changing rooms.  Renderings were included in the packet.  Only change to the building exterior will be fixing one spot on the lower finish of the exterior facing Main St. 

Chairman McKenzie asked about parking study.  Curtis distributed a copy of the parking study.  Breanne commented on the parking study done for the previous application which included this area which is one block down.  The parking study had identified 180 spaces around the buildings within one block of Main St. and including Main St.  She said that 42 employees was the target for the applicant.  Chairman McKenzie asked about the construction schedule.  Breanna stated that the remodel would be interior only.  Breanna stated that they have not contracted with a contractor yet; but, the schedule would be minimal depending on lead times for certain supplies.  May be 30 to 60 days.  Curtis stated that the rendering did not include two windows on the rear of the building facing the alley.  City Manager Brown asked about additional power requirements.  Breanna stated it would be reviewed on the final occupancy count and any changes would be coordinated with city utilities.  City Manager Brown asked about any signage requirements.  Breanna stated that the only signage will be on the interior of the building at the entrance. 

Commissioner Bonsall asked if they are going to use the kitchen space.  Breanna stated that they were going to use the kitchen space/connections to build a bathroom.  There is a bathroom in the basement and on the mezzanine level – but, they would be used for storage.   Commissioner Hansen asked when they would reach maximum capacity.  Breanna reported the plans for the applicant.  If the occupancy exceeded the maximum of 50, another exit would need to be built.  There is a door that opens directly to the alley – but, it would have to be remodeled to have an appropriate entrance/egress that meets ADA regulations.     

Building Official Dinkel reviewed the site plan review application and his checklist as included in the agenda packet.   Building Official Dinkel stated the site plan review was complete and the applicant’s plans were sufficient.  

Commissioner Bonsall moved to approve the site plan review for 1103 Main St. completed by the Building Official.  Chairman McKenzie seconded the motion and the motion was carried unanimously. 

  1.  Discussion on Site Plans.   Sec. 19-1302. – Applicability – The Building Official shall

require that all applications for building permits for new buildings or expansion of any existing buildings in multifamily, commercial and industrial zoning districts be subject to Site Plan Review in accordance with these regulations.  

a.         821 W 19th St.  – Zac Lohr

Building Official Dinkel presented the application on behalf of Zac Lohr.  He stated that Zac was unable to attend due to a family member’s surgery; but, was available by phone if there were any questions.  Building Official Dinkel stated that the applicant is wanting to build a shop for storage of materials.  Applicant is an electrician and need to store his materials.  Location is behind the Asam Hotel and directly east of the Black Hills Gas Company property.  C-1 is the zoning designation for the property and all the properties south of 19th St.  City Manager Brown reviewed the zoning map with the Commission. 

Building Official Dinkel stated that the applicant may request to split the parcel eventually.  The set of plans is the order set – not the actual building plans once it is approved for the building permit application.  Building Official Dinkel stated that the lot is currently vacant.  Building Official Dinkel reviewed his completed checklist with the Commission. 

Commissioner Bonsall asked if there were any bathrooms or water to the building.  Building Official Dinkel stated that there were none.  Building would be used for storage.   Commissioner McKenzie asked about engineered plans.  Building Official Dinkel also stated that these plans were for estimates of materials.  The plan set for building permit application would be engineered stamped plans.  

Commissioner Bonsall moved, seconded by Chairman McKenzie to approve the site plan review for 821 W. 19th St. completed by the Building Official.  Motion carried unanimously. 

  1. Review Current Comprehensive Plan Update October 2000 for the City of Goodland – Chapters 1 thru 3 

Chairman McKenzie stated that was started by the Planning Commission last year and since Wallace Hansen is new to the Commission we would review it again.   City Manager Brown reviewed the first three chapters of the Comprehensive Plan with the Commissioners.  City Manager Brown asked Commissioner Hansen if he had experience with this comprehensive plan when he was a member of the commission previously.  Commissioner Hansen stated that the comprehensive plan was approved after he was on the commission.  

The Commission reviewed the following parts of the current Comprehensive Plan; The Executive Summary, Chapter 1 – The Planning Process, Chapter 2 – Demographics and Chapter 3 – Issues. 

City Manager Brown stated that the emphasis is that the comprehensive plan is a source of direction and guidance towards a desired end.  It is not a static blueprint of future development.  City Manager Brown also highlighted the difficulty in obtaining public input and how the plan in 2000 update tried to obtain the public input.  In discussing the zoning ordinance, Brown reviewed the current set of districts and obstacles that come up with the limited number of zones.  After reviewing the other items in Chapter 1, City Manager Brown asked the Commission what items stood out. 

McKenzie stated that he bought a lot that was very narrow in town.  It limits what can be put on that lot.  The Commission discussed various types of housing and the obstacles for certain types of housing.  Brown mentioned the minimum size of lot (7,500 s.f. was mentioned first – then corrected to 8,400 square feet).  5,000 square feet is often the minimum size lot for a number of communities.   Brown stated that those type of decisions can be seen in the results of how the community was built.   The Commissioners also discussed type of homes, setbacks and building line.  Commissioner Hansen asked about easements.  Brown covered different types of easements; but, stated that it is not part of the comprehensive plan.  

Brown reviewed in depth Chapter 3 and specifically the public participation in the issue identification process.  McKenzie stated that the difference in 2023 is how Northwest Tech has changed the dynamics in town.  Commissioner Bonsall stated the programs are very fluid at Northwest Tech.  McKenzie remarked on the key person interviews and the disparity in the description of the various issues.   Finally, Brown reviewed the synthesis of results as written in the comprehensive plan update.   McKenzie remarked on the issue of downtown vitality and how it has changed to the positive in 2023.  Bonsall stated that our Main Street is significantly longer than other towns.  Julica Oharah had mentioned that there are over 100 businesses on Main Street.  Brown remarked on the labor pool and how it is still an important issue. 

Commissioner Hansen asked what was the procedure to redo the Comprehensive Plan.  McKenzie stated that it is a funding issue.  Brown stated that it could cost a significant amount to hire a professional planning firm just like they hired Bucher, Willis & Ratliff for the 2000 Comprehensive Plan update.   Brown reviewed that the planning commission could be involved in the recommendation process / review process of the firms that respond to the request for proposal. 

  1.    Reports
    • Planning Commissioners

Chairman McKenzie asked if Commissioners Bonsall and Hansen had anything to report.  Commissioner Bonsall had nothing to report.  Hansen had nothing to report.  Chairman McKenzie asked if the meeting date could be reviewed.  Brown stated that we had tried to set the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Commissioner Hansen stated that Tuesday or Wednesday would work.  Since Wednesday is considered church night, it would be better to have Tuesday.  After discussion, the Commission stated that the 2nd Tuesday would work except for next month when the 2nd Tuesday is during spring break for the schools.     

  • Staff

City Manager Brown and Building Official Dinkel had nothing to report. 

  1. Minutes
    • January 10, 2023 Minutes

Commissioner Bonsall moved, seconded by Chairman McKenzie, to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried unanimously. 

  1. Adjournment

Chairman McKenzie motioned to adjourn, seconded by Commissioner Hansen.  Motion passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:38 p.m.