January 17, 2023 Commission Minutes

January 17, 2023 Commission Minutes

January 17, 2023 Commission Minutes

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Regular Meeting

January 17, 2023                                                                                                                   5:00 P.M.

Mayor Aaron Thompson called the meeting to order with Vice-Mayor J. J. Howard, Commissioner Ann Myers and Commissioner Brook Redlin responding to roll call.  Commissioner Jason Showalter was reported absent.

Also present were Frank Hayes – Chief of Police, Joshua Jordan – IT Director, Kenton Keith – Director of Streets and Facilities, Neal Thornburg – Director of Water and Wastewater, Danny Krayca – Director of Parks, Jeff Dinkel – Code Enforcement/Building Official, Mary Volk – City Clerk, Jake Kling – City Attorney and Kent Brown – City Manager.

Mayor Thompson led Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Unfit structure: 1523 Colorado – Mayor Thompson opened public hearing for unfit structure at 1523 Colorado at 5:01 p.m.  Jeff stated, property was brought to Commission in August, a public hearing was setup for December but the item was missed on the agenda.  Hearing was rescheduled for today.  Wayne Boll has cleaned up the outside of property.  The main thing is there have been no utilities hooked up at property to date.  Wayne stated, I have someone that wants to move in the house and has ability to put in a water line.  He will help haul out the old trailer.  With his assistance I can do what I need to get utilities hooked up.  I was not able to get ahold of him to be at this meeting.  I need more time on the property.  I have been told the installation fee can be added to property taxes.  Mayor Thompson stated, I am unsure about that, but it has been five months since discussions started on property.  You have had ample time to discuss plan of action for the property and what needs to be complete.  You say you are just now starting conversations with individual?  Wayne stated, I have known him for a long time but just found out he moved to Goodland and is interested in helping me finish work on property.  Jeff showed commission pictures taken of the property today.  Mayor Thompson stated, it has been cleaned up from where we began. Wayne stated, I have cleaned it a couple times but people keep breaking into property.  I have repaired some spots inside and still need to fix a couple leaks in roof, do plumbing work and lay water line.  This individual has access to equipment needed to complete what is needed for the property.  I have been cleaning up the property for a number of years.  Mayor Thompson stated, we appreciate work done so far.  Vice-Mayor Howard asked, when do you anticipate having other trailer removed?  Wayne stated, I feel within a couple weeks and within a month I can take care of remaining items on property.  Mayor Thompson closed public hearing for the unfit structure at 1523 Colorado at 5:11 p.m.



  1. 01/03/23 Commission Meeting Minutes
  2. Appropriation Ordinances: 2023-02, 2023-02A, and 2023-P02

ON A MOTION by Commissioner Redlin to approve Consent Agenda seconded by Vice-Mayor Howard.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0. 


  1. Resolution 1609: Unfit structure 1523 Colorado – Commissioner Redlin stated, it has been five months since we discussion began on property.  Mayor Thompson stated, he has done a lot of work on the property.  In public hearing Mr. Boll indicated he could complete everything in a month.  If we passed this resolution it provides him time to complete work on property.  Wayne stated, I am confident with his help I can get it done.  Mayor Thompson stated, if after thirty days you show significant improvement and need a little more time, you need to talk to Jeff, but if you show no progress we will move forward.  Jeff asked, does Commission want utilities hooked up within thirty days?  Mayor Thompson stated, I want to see utilities on within thirty days.  Wayne stated, I have pipe for the installation, just need to know where setting meter to run lines.  Mayor Thompson stated, I hope it works out for you.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Redlin to approve Resolution 1609: Unfit structure 1523 Colorado seconded by Commissioner Myers.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0. 


  1. NAS Upgrade Purchase – Josh stated, I am currently using two desk top models, each 4 TB drive for backups.  We have many servers to back up.  I feel the model presented provides best service for City.  Sherman County has same model in service without issue.  These are best four quotes received.  We do not have to purchase items as a package, but can purchase individually to get low cost for each item.  This will provide adequate storage for backups.  Mayor Thompson stated, I am unclear what you are specifically asking for.  I understand this proposal is for multiple items.   Josh stated, the request is for a mother board then in a commercial grade system, you buy drives for system.  This bid also includes mounting rack for equipment so it is not setting on a desk.  I can purchase by vendor quote or lowest price for each piece of equipment, using Amazon and B & H.  Kent asked, your request is to use two vendors?  Josh stated, yes to avoid additional freight costs.  Mayor Thompson stated, going that route you will purchase the NAS Enclosure and hard drive from B & H, then the rail kit and memory update from Amazon, and money is available.    ON A MOTION by Mayor Thompson to approve the purchase NAS Enclosure and hard drive from B & H and the rail kit and memory update from Amazon seconded by Commissioner Redlin.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0. 


  1. Police Department Presentation: Accreditation Process – Frank stated, we want to give an update on Kansas Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (KLEAP) accreditation process through the State of Kansas and what is required.  The accreditation is sponsored by the academy.  When we started beta testing we looked at benefits for the City.  They are 1. Improve agency metrics; 2. Enhance transparency and accountability; 3. Professional excellence; and 4. Reduce lawsuits and insurance, which the main benefit.  The program benefits the community and the department.  Jason Erhart stated, we have two years to complete accreditation and I am sure it will take all that time.  The process has standards we have to meet.  We had about twenty policies from previous administration that we revised, then have added about eighteen new policies.  Much of the program is review of policies and procedures.  All work is submitted to Jake for approval.  Within program is the Kansas Accreditation Coalition through KLEAP, which I was named chairman.  This is resource to help other agencies with policies.  Our first meeting is February 2nd.  I have also been accepted into assessor training to review other agencies and see if they meet standards.  We have many policies that have taken a lot of work.  There were many requirements where we had to develop a policy.  We are pretty confident we have resources need to achieve accreditation.  The main benefit is the assistance with lawsuits and insurance.  Jake stated, for the Police Department, policies are not normal polices.  I have reviewed the policies and there is not much revision needed.  The policies are such that if something happens to the Chief and Assistant Chief, staff can pull out the policy and know how to go through the process.  Jason stated, they are very extensive and detailed step by step process for anything we may have to deal with and supplemental forms required for documentation.  Mayor Thompson stated, it is basically a step by step process on anything that could happen.  Frank stated, yes, it has been very taxing because of the detail required for step by step process.  It provides standards for the department.  Jake stated, the process covers the officer in the field as well as in the office.  I can read a policy and see what is going through the officer’s mind.  They have to make split second decisions and information they need to follow is right there.  It is added security for your officers.  They have put together a lot of very detailed and informative policies from scratch.  This has been a difficult job to complete.  Jason stated, the officers are held accountable with the policies.  Jake stated, I encourage the Commission read the active shooter and school shooting policies to assist you to understand the mindset of officers when they respond to calls in the field.  Frank stated, once finalized the standards manual and the use of force analysis report will be posted online.  Kent stated, there were some procedures in place before, this escalates to more explicit policies.  This will take a while to complete.  Jason stated, yes we did have policies before, this is a new level.  Frank stated, in the program we have to show proofs that we are following standard.  An example is when the officers take the oath of office, we have to show proof of the oath for all officers hired.  Mayor Thompson stated, we appreciate you taking time to help the community and department as a whole.  I would like to see the active shooter and school shooting policies to review.  Jason stated, they are not public record so we will work with you to review policies.  Commissioner Redlin stated, thank you for recognizing the need and setting the standard. 
  2. Building a Stronger Economy (BASE) 2.0 Grant Application – Kent stated, the State has opened second round for BASE grant process.  The first round was last year and we were not selected for projects in the Industrial Park or residential housing.  The amount is reduced for this round so we looked at reducing project size along with revising cost estimates, which have increased.  I have not made contact with property owner to review housing addition.  We would like to complete one street instead of entire development.  In the Industrial Park, we would like to complete utilities and street on south side of park adjacent to railroad, which have more interest.   There is interest in these lots so might include something from interested party if possible.  It will not complete park but reduce project costs making application more appealing.  We had information reviewed by grant writer used by SCCD.  We are asking for commission consensus to submit application.  There will be many applications submitted, but if we do not submit one we will have no chance for a grant.  We will submit as two applications and grant requires 25% funding match.  Mayor Thompson asked, there is $50,000,000 available this round?  Kent stated, that is correct.  Mayor Thompson stated, these two applications total $2,000,000 which is a large chunk.  Would it be better to apply for one grant?  Unsure what their mind set is awarding grants but I feel may have better chance if submit one project.  If I had to pick one, I would say Industrial Park because of the land we have found is available in town for housing.  The Industrial Park will bring in potential business with more jobs.  Commissioner Redlin stated, we need people to occupy the homes.  Mayor Thompson stated, I am uncertain it will make a difference.  Kent stated, the difficult thing with housing is we have to have a partner involved for development, which we do not have at this time.  Mayor Thompson stated, I would rather move forward with one project.  Commissioner Myers stated, it appears we have someone interested in Industrial Park lots.  Vice-Mayor Howard stated, I have mixed feelings on both projects.  I would like to submit both applications, but understand.  Mayor Thompson asked, do we know size of grants awarded last round?  Kent stated, they award projects they know will be successful.  They have put limitations on this round that if you received money in first round, you are not eligible in second round.  Kent stated, we have determined housing as an important issue and SCCD is trying to make additional contacts for housing.  If they have good information we might come back and ask to submit housing application.  They did indicate all applications previously submitted are considered in this round.  Consensus of Commission is to move forward with Industrial Park application unless we receive additional information by end of month for housing application.
  3. Terry Leonhart Cemetery Board Reappointment – Kent stated, Terry has been a member in good standing and board approves reappointment.  ON A MOTION by Mayor Thompson to approve reappointment of Terry Leonhart to Cemetery Board seconded by Commissioner Redlin.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0. 
  4.  Joy Hayden Library Board Appointment – Kent stated, Joy submitted application for opening on Library board.  Mayor Thompson stated, she has been involved in community for years.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Redlin to approve reappointment of Joy Hayden to Library Board seconded by Vice-Mayor Howard.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0. 


  1. City Manager – 1.  Manager memo is included in packet.  2. Police Department monthly activity and month end fund balance reports are included in packet.    3.  Finishing up on RFP for sewer maintenance project discussed last meeting.  We are also including an RFP for three of four water towers.  We are still working with existing company on standpipe.   4. I included website and connecting links onFirst Impression report.  We partnered with other communities to look at situations in our community.  Report is interesting and is posted on State website.  In original report, census data was incorrect.  They are correcting information since I provided information with correct population.  Mayor Thompson stated, seems like there are a lot of positive things they pointed out and I believe they have the census corrected.  5. According to solid waste contract there is fuel adjustment based on diesel price.  There will be a $.50 fuel adjustment on customer bills starting next billing for six months. 
  2. City Commissioners

Vice-Mayor Howard – 1.  No Report.

Commissioner Showalter – 1.  Absent, no Report 

Commissioner Myers – 1.  Stay safe with storm predicted.

Commissioner Redlin – 1.  Can the housing committee schedule meeting for updates?

  • Mayor Thompson1.  No Report.


  1. Executive Session –  Under the Authority of KSA 75-4319 (b) (1) for Personnel Matters for Nonelected Personnel – Mayor Thompson made a motion at 6:08 p.m. to recess into executive session under authority of K.S.A.75-4319 (b) (1) for personnel matters for nonelected personnel not to exceed thirty minutes.   I request City Manager and Commission be present.  Commissioner Redlin seconded the motion.  MOTION carried by a VOTE of 4-0.  Meeting resumed at 6:38 p.m.  Mayor Thompson made a second motion at 6:38 p.m. to recess into executive session under authority of K.S.A.75-4319 (b) (1) for personnel matters for nonelected personnel not to exceed ten minutes.   I request City Manager and Commission be present.  Commissioner Redlin seconded the motion.  MOTION carried by a VOTE of 4-0.  Meeting resumed at 6:48 p.m. 
  2. Action from Executive Session – ON A MOTION by Mayor Thompson to amend the employment agreement compensation for Kent Brown from $96,000 to $98,880 effective January 1, 2023 seconded by Commissioner Redlin.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0. 

ADJOURNMENT WAS HAD ON A MOTION BY Commissioner Redlin seconded by Vice-Mayor Howard.  Motion carried by unanimous VOTE, meeting adjourned at 6:49 p.m.  Next meeting is scheduled for February 6, 2023.


ATTEST:                                                                               Aaron Thompson, Mayor


Mary P. Volk, City Clerk