August 29, 2022 Joint Entity Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2022 Joint Entity Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2022 Joint Entity Meeting Minutes

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Mayor Aaron Thompson called the meeting to order with Vice-Mayor J. J. Howard, Commissioner Ann Myers, Commissioner Jason Showalter and Commissioner Brook Redlin responding to roll call. 

Sherman County Commission Chairman Steve Evert called meeting to order with County Commissioner Rod Blake responding to roll call.  County Commissioner Larry Enfield was reported absent. 

Kanorado City Council members present, though not representing a quorum were Mike Murray, Mathew Windell and Valarie Veselik.

Also present from the City were Joshua Jordan – IT Director, Frank Hayes – Chief of Police, Kenton Keith – Director of Streets and Facilities, Mary Volk – City Clerk, Jake Kling – City Attorney and Kent Brown – City Manager.  Also present from the County were – Ashley Mannis – County Clerk, Eric Albright – County IT Director, Bret Mangan – County Attorney and Burton Pianalto – County Sherriff. 

Mayor Thompson led Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Sales Tax Ballot Question – Mayor Thompson asked everyone to review the ballet question presented by Kevin Cowan, Gilmore and Bell Bond Attorney.  County Chairman Evert stated, the City has a lot of room for Caldwell improvements if funds are available.  Mayor Thompson stated, when we looked at estimated costs, the majority, if not all funds would be applied to 8th Street.  County Chairman Evert asked, are plans to improve 8th Street from Cattletrail to Caldwell?  Mayor Thompson stated, that is the plan.  County Commissioner Blake asked, what about alley between 8th and 9th Street behind court house and Sherriff Office parking lot?  Ashley stated, we can add that if Commission would like.  Kanorado Councilman Windell asked, for item (i) in resolution, County Road 5 from County Road 65 to County Road 65, is that correct and where pavement is?  I believe there is asphalt between County Roads 64 and 65 on County Road 5.  Mayor Thompson asked, for clarification, this wording is specific to the ballet question stating sales tax split per entity, then each entity decides how to finance projects?  Bret stated, yes.  Burton stated, I have a community project that is important for the children.  I have been working with schools on safety.  The cone zone was introduced at West School two years ago but has created a bottleneck.  Current traffic has a cone zone set up in front to drop off children.  Since school remodel there are people going in and out with traffic and buses picking up and dropping off.  I try to have a deputy onsite every day to stop traffic.  I propose opening up 11th Street to Texas Street.  Bill Biermann indicated to me he proposed this a couple of times to City in past.  I see this as a county and city project to protect children.  Bill believes the traffic flow gets better as school year goes on and people get used to it.  I feel it is gets worse as people get complacent.  The school does not let children out unless parents are there.  I feel we could apply for a Safe Route to School grant and make it a one way street.  I also feel this is good use of the 1% sales tax.  The County can help gravel the street.  Mayor Thompson stated, I do not have young children but it looks like people turn in from 12th Street.  Burton stated, yes, Bill and I talked about changing teacher parking and that the school would pay to have a gate put in.  County Commissioner Blake stated, years ago the round-about was used for buses.  Burton stated, there also used to be a trail through there.  Mayor Thompson stated, I feel it should be looked into but as far as utilizing the sales tax money, we are at the end of discussions.  I do not feel this is an appropriate avenue for the money because of where we are in project.  Burton asked, so projects have to be stated in question.  County Chairman Evert stated, yes the projects are spelled out to show what money is used for, but it will depend on cost to complete projects.  Burton stated, hopefully you can look at it down the road, even if it is a dirt road.  Kent asked, on the Northwest corner of 11th Street and Wyoming can we make that a right turn only so traffic keeps flowing.  Mayor Thompson stated, you have traffic coming from two directions into the cul-de-sac.  Vice-Mayor Howard asked, could traffic enter east of the school and make 11th Street a one way street heading west, for a right turn only on Wyoming.  Mayor Thompson invited Burton to next city commission meeting for more discussion.  Burton stated, I will talk to Bill some more on the traffic pattern.  Kent asked, is the commission confident in language for City streets?  The language is very specific for streets permitted.  What if there is another street that comes up in next twenty years to add?  Vice-Mayor Howard asked, did we discuss adding rest of 17th Street to finish in concrete?  Kent stated, right now the City is limited, but I want to make sure if an emergency comes up it can be addressed.  Ashely asked, what about using same language as used for City of Kanorado for all streets and roadways in the city to give you flexibility in an emergency?  Mayor Thompson asked, is there enough time to have it rewritten for the November ballet?  Ashley stated, I need final question in a week and half.  Commissioner Chairman Evert stated, we need to cover basis for future commissions and would like flexibility in question.  8th Street and Caldwell are outlined in question, but may have another need without completing either one of these streets.  Mayor Thompson stated, I feel the tax payers will be happier to know what the projects will be.  I understand your idea but people vote with the idea where funds will be used.  People may think wording the question for different projects that may come up gives us too much flexibility.  I agree if there is additional money after these projects are complete to allow additional work, but not to divert money from these projects.  Vice-Mayor Howard stated, I agree with Mayor Thompson.  Ashley stated, we will work with bond attorney on wording in the event funding is available.  Kent stated, the city will have a resolution of support for county to place issue on ballet at our next meeting.    
  2. Animal Control – Mayor Thompson stated, the inter-local agreement is between the City and County for Kathy Schermerhorn to provide animal control service.  The agreement began 2010 and has not changed; she would like it reviewed because expenses have gone up.  Currently contract is $27,000 annually to house animals which breaks down to $2,250 per month.  Ordinance 1607 outlines the county agreed to pay 30% or $675 per month to City.  City pays majority of cost because more service needed in city.  She would like to bump contract amount to $36,000 annually.  If keep same split, that would be $900 per month for county.  County Commissioner Blake stated, we should have been doing incremental increases over time.  Mayor Thompson stated, she pointed out this was to be reviewed annually.  She has not requested an increase since contract began.  County Chairman Evert stated, she also has to drive to a vet service for the animals.  Mayor Thompson stated, she does which is covered in another contract.  This contract is strictly for housing of animals.  As far as other services, the City pays $18,000 per year to do animal control.  County Chairman Evert stated, we need to take it back to county for discussion and city will have to do same.  Mayor Thompson stated, we will discuss and will look at keeping same split. 

ADJOURNMENT of the Sherman County Commission WAS HAD ON A MOTION BY County Commissioner Blake seconded by County Chairman Evert.  Motion carried by unanimous VOTE. 

ADJOURNMENT of the City Commission WAS HAD ON A MOTION BY Commissioner Redlin seconded by Vice-Mayor Howard.  Motion carried by unanimous VOTE, meeting Adjourned at 6:40 p.m. 


ATTEST:                                                                               Aaron Thompson, Mayor


Mary P. Volk, City Clerk