June 6, 2022 Commission Minutes

June 6, 2022 Commission Minutes

June 6, 2022 Commission Minutes

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Regular Meeting

June 6, 2022                                                                                                                           5:00 P.M.

Mayor Aaron Thompson called the meeting to order with Vice-Mayor J. J. Howard, Commissioner Jason Showalter and Commissioner Brook Redlin responding to roll call.  Commissioner Ann Myers was

reported absent.

Also present were Dustin Bedore – Director of Electric Utilities, Frank Hayes – Chief of Police, Joshua Jordan – IT Director, Kenton Keith – Director of Streets and Facilities, Neal Thornburg – Director of Water and Wastewater, Danny Krayca – Director of Parks, Jeff Dinkel – Code Enforcement/Building Official, Mary Volk – City Clerk, Jake Kling – City Attorney and Kent Brown – City Manager.

Mayor Thompson led Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Jake Kling, City Attorney introduced Abbie Krane as an intern at Fairbanks Law Office for the summer.  The internship is sponsored through Dane Hansen Foundation.  She will be in Goodland through the month of July.  Commission welcomed Abbie to Goodland.


  1. Jennifer Hefner Options Executive Director stated, our purpose is to serve your community and citizens.  We have thirteen core services which mainly operate as 24 hour programs.  Demand for our service has increased since COVID, people are hurting.  We conduct annual county profiles.  Sherman County has had fifty-two incidents of domestic violence resulting in forty arrests, which is almost twice the State rate.  Your law enforcement is doing well.  Domestic violence is increasing in Kansas.  During COVID our shelter operated at 25% capacity so remaining clients were housed in hotels to ensure needs were addressed.  We are the only domestic and sexual violence shelter that has come up with texting as an expanded service for clients, which has expanded 3000% over one year.  Commissioner Showalter asked, I see your funding request, how many other municipalities supply funding?  Jenifer stated, about 50% of them fund our programs.  Mayor Thompson asked, are the emergency services primarily to get clients out of immediate situation or is it long term?  Jennifer stated, it is both, we do not have limits on stays in shelter but work to get them a safe place.    We are expanding programs to reach high schools and counselors.  There is interest and students have a lot to say.  They are working on a safety plan for teens.   Mayor Thompson asked, you are requesting $3,000, what have we donated in past?  Jennifer stated, we have not received a donation from the City in about three years.  We know budgets are tight for everyone but costs are going up and there is a need for services in your community.  Mayor Thompson asked, what does donation cover?  Jennifer stated, it helps with food, toiletry items, toys to normalize child’s experience in shelter, utilities and to provide a safe and clean environment for clients.    


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  3. Appropriation Ordinances: 2022-11, 2022-11A, and 2022-P11

ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Howard to approve Consent Agenda seconded by Commissioner Redlin.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0. 


  1. RFQ 2022-01: Airport Consultant Services – Kent stated, as part of receipt of federal funding the City was required by the FAA to submit a Request for Qualification (RFQ) to add projects that have moved up the project list.  Requests were sent out last month; we received several responses declining request, but we received response from one firm, EBH Engineering.  Dustin Stephenson, Chairman of Airport Board and I discussed the response.  Since EBH is the firm we work with, Dustin did not feel we needed to go over scoring.  In order to proceed with projects to purchase snow removal equipment (SRE) and building to house equipment, the response requires Commission approval.  After review, staff recommends approving RFQ of EBH Engineering for these projects.  ON A MOTION by Mayor Thompson to approve Airport Consultant Services of EBH Engineering for projects outlined in request seconded by Commissioner Showalter.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0. 
  2. Resolution 1588: Adopting the 2022 Compensation and Classification Study Executive Report from McGrath Human Services Group – Kent stated, Victoria McGrath was contracted to complete compensation study and presented report at May work session.  There were various recommendations for all positions in the City.  Commission requested to have a comparison to League salary study information.  The information for each position is included in your packet showing comparison to information from McGrath study.  McGrath study included information for about twelve cities and counties but League study was for other Second Class City’s, which are similar in size to City of Goodland.  The League provides valuable information to support McGrath study.  The McGrath study provides classification and structure for the City through all positions going forward.  The study sets up a schedule with twelve steps that employees move through annually with the expectation that the commission budgets a percentage increase for steps each year.  Approving the resolution indicates you accept the report and ask staff to implement structure in study to provide fair and equitable compensation to employees.  Commissioner Showalter stated, I like the way schedule is laid out and implemented to protect the city’s liability.  It is a guide we need for department heads.  Mayor Thompson asked, looking over pay scales for different positions, do we feel pay amount within each position will work for City?  Kent stated, as best it can, the study provides some balance for the City.  There are different pay grades with different positions within each pay grade.  I feel it is as fair and equitable as can be.  If you change one thing what else do you change?  Mayor Thompson asked, the budgetary impact is split into two steps?  Kent stated, looking to implement phase one July 1, with phase two January 1.  Victoria felt this was best way to balance adjustments and make it fair.  Majority of adjustments are made July 1, then several in January.  The increases this year will not affect current year budget because of open positions.  Mayor Thompson asked, what numbers we are looking at January 1?  Kent stated, it will depend on the budget approved.  For example, if we adjust the schedule 3%, net increase in the budget in January is 7% which would be about $150,000 depending on what commission approves.  Mayor Thompson stated, the commission will be tasked where that money will be coming from in next year’s budget.  Kent stated, staff will also give you recommendations in budget.  Mayor Thompson asked, I assume we have employees that fall deep into the steps?  Kent stated, yes and there are some that are over maximum but will receive the COLA increase.  Then there are those that fall below and we need to work to get them into the pay grade structure.  Mayor Thompson asked, if over maximum, wages are not decreased?  Kent stated, no there will not be wage cuts, their increase will be based on other considerations.  Vice-Mayor Howard stated, I feel this is a decent system for future employee’s looking at Goodland and to help Commission know what to budget every year.  Mayor Thompson stated, I am a fan of the way this is done and feel we are making strides to help employees.  I feel this gets employees closer to where they belong.  I know health insurance has been a big topic of discussion for commission the last few years, not sure if this will impact the insurance.  Kent stated, in her study, Victoria recommended no changes to insurance at this time until your wages are where they belong.  Now if insurance goes up drastically, that is another discussion.  But if reasonable increase in health insurance she did not recommend a change.  Mayor Thompson stated, with everything going up, that money has to come from somewhere.  Kent stated, this is a step in right direction for structure in the future.  The economy is affecting everyone, not just city employees.  This is a solid foundation for the City.  ON A MOTION by Mayor Thompson to approve Resolution 1588: Adopting the 2022 Compensation and Classification Study Executive Report from McGrath Human Services Group seconded by Commissioner Showalter.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0.
  3. Ordinance 1750: Change Expiration Dates for Renewal of Contractor Licenses –Jeff stated, the Construction Board of Trades and Appeals recommend expiration dates for contractor licenses expire December 31st this year, then renew in two years rather than staggering terms.  Mayor Thompson stated, I assume this will be easier to track.  Jeff stated, it will be and everything can be completed at one time.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Redlin to approve Ordinance 1750: Change Expiration Dates for Renewal of Contractor Licenses seconded by Vice-Mayor Howard.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0.
  4. Ordinance 1751: Adopting Code for Continuing Education Requirement for Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Contractors – Jeff stated, the Construction Board of Trades and Appeals are requesting requirement for continued education, as required by the State.  The contractors are completing education, they just need to supply paperwork to City.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Showalter to approve Ordinance 1751: Adopting Code for Continuing Education Requirement for Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Contractors seconded by Commissioner Redlin.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0.
  5. 2022 Utility Charge Offs – Mary stated, annually we request the Commission authorize the charge off of unpaid balances on utility accounts where the City no longer has communication with the customer.  The 2022 charge off list is for customers we have not had contact or communication with for four years and are in the amount of $44,857.27.  These accounts are added to our master list of charged off accounts in the event a customer does return we are able to collect past due amount.  The accounts also remain on file with the Kansas Setoff program and American Municipal Services (AMS) to continue collection of balances if possible.   Vice-Mayor Howard asked, none of the customers had recent contact?  Mary stated, no these customer’s we have lost contact.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Redlin to authorize 2022 Utility Charge Offs in the amount of $44,857.27 seconded by Commissioner Showalter.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0.
  6. COPS Grant Application – Frank stated, we are asking permission to proceed with COPS grant application with the Department of Justice for a new police officer.  It is a three year grant where the split is 75/25 the first year, 50/50 the second year and 25/75 the third year.  The grant is then renewable for a new officer.  The application is due June 9th then they submit us a link to complete second part of application that is due June 16th.  Mayor Thompson stated, it looks like a no brainer.  When application is renewed is that for same officer or a new officer?  Frank stated, it can be same officer or you can apply for multiple officers.  Vice-Mayor Howard asked, it is not for just new hire but for rehire also?  Frank stated, I am uncertain their definition of rehire.  Speculating it is if you are not able to keep someone and the officer wants to come back to department.  Mayor Thompson stated, so it is for an open position of some sort.  Frank stated, yes.  Commissioner Redlin asked, if we are awarded the first grant for three years and reapply there is a chance may not get renewal?  Frank stated, chances are higher if you are in the program but it is not a guarantee.  Commissioner Showalter asked, if we are awarded grant you will need equipment to outfit new officer such as a car, uniform etc.?  Frank stated, yes, but I am fairly certain we have equipment to start with first new officer, but not down the road.  Kent stated, there will always be some gap to fill but not always.  ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Howard to authorize submission of application for COPS Grant with the Department of Justice seconded by Commissioner Showalter.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0.


  1. 1523 Colorado Ave.: Notice of Violation – Jeff stated, this notice is for lots 3 and 4 which has two trailers on property without utilities.  On May 18th I attempted to serve notice of inadequate sanitation on property.  I attempted delivery again on May 22nd and 23rd with no response.  I issued inadequate sanitation notice on property and the gentleman failed to complete process within 4 days so I issued order to vacate property by June 8th at 10:00 a.m.  The gentleman came in today saying he is not living at the one trailer but wanted to use as a storage container, which does not meet code.  He is in process of cleaning property up and making one trailer livable with sanitation.  In the meantime, I need Commission to advise of time frame allowed for citizen to clean up property.  Mayor Thompson asked, is there just two trailers on property?  Jeff stated, yes at this location but owner has adjacent property with utilities.  Mayor Thompson asked, do we know who resides at property with utilities?  Jeff stated, I am uncertain, but neither trailer has utilities.  Vice-Mayor Howard stated, I drove by today and they are working on property as I saw them moving stuff.  Jeff stated, I just need a time line to give property owner.  Mayor Thompson stated, the fact that he is starting the process, we need to show grace to those making best attempt.  We need to give a reasonable time but if he starts going backwards we need to move forward.  Kent stated, we can allow Jeff to provide an update each meeting.  If he continues to move ahead and not go backwards, he can proceed cleaning up property.  Jeff stated, the fact he came in today was a good step.  When he came in today he talked to the office for cost to get utilities.  He did ask us to assist with moving one trailer which I explained there would be a cost and he is aware if unpaid the cost will be put on tax role.  Consensus of Commission is to continue with updates by Jeff each meeting on progress.
  2. Handy-Man Contractor – Jeff stated, the Construction Board of Trades and Appeals came up with idea for a handy-man contractor.  The board discussed requiring same insurance as other contractors.  We were looking at $5,000 bond but researching if there is a lower amount.  They will not be allowed to do structural or commercial work, only minor repairs.  Board came up with $1,000 labor limit to ensure no structural work is done.  Vice-Mayor Howard asked, on the siding is it repair or can they replace.  Jeff stated, only minor repairs, cannot side whole house or a complete remodel.  Vice-Mayor Howard stated, we need to ensure wording in code is understood as minor repair.  Jeff stated, for the application process we are looking at them submitting references and having an interview process with the board so we know they will be helping properties.  Mayor Thompson stated, I like the idea and there is a need for services but we need to make sure minor repairs is understood.  Vice-Mayor Howard stated, I like the insurance and bond requirement, but I do not think there is a bond lower than $5,000. 
  3. 2018 IPC Code Book Review – Jeff stated, the Construction Board of Trades and Appeals has been working on 2018 plumbing code and completed book.  They will present to Commission next meeting.  If Commission has questions, they can review the book.  Mayor Thompson stated, I look forward to presentation and appreciate board’s hard work to update codes.
  4. Community BBQ Planning – Kent stated, Commission stated during strategic planning sessions they would like community event in summer.  This summer is reunion then fair so would like guidance what Commission would like to see happen.  Mayor Thompson stated, the first of July is busy.  I recommend everyone look at calendars for available dates.  Does not have to be a weekend; can be a weeknight.  Kent stated, staff will discuss and bring information. 


  1. City Manager – 1.  We have two main projects with 17th Street and Airport Runway Project.  We feel 17th Street is proceeding well and working out transition to finish final 100 feet at end of project.  Contractor will complete project on time, pending weather delay.  Andrew Brunner, EBH Engineer stated, we are working with Jeff Bhend at Scoular to complete project before wheat harvest.  Andrew stated, phase one should be cured by end of next week and start with phase two while phase one is curing to continue on project.  Kent stated, the last 100 feet of project is where trucks enter Scoular.  Andrew stated, we need to keep traffic moving and keep trucks out of residential area.  Vice-Mayor Howard asked, what is cure time for concrete?  Andrew stated, depends on temperature and exterior conditions.  Favorably we would like seven days, but these have to meet KDOT requirements yet get street open as soon as possible.  Kent stated, at the airport they have finished pours on west side and southwest of main runway.  As of today the airport is closed during daytime hours to do east 300 feet next to main runway.  Both the PAPI and ILS are down.  We received permission from FAA to open runway at night when there is no construction being done to allow Eagle Med to continue to operate at night.  I spoke with the hospital to ensure they knew at night they can use runway but during day patients have to be transported to Colby to be flown out, unless they use helicopter.  The runway will be closed for three weeks to allow construction and curing.  Andrew stated, the contractors have moved along with concrete after our concern last meeting.   2.  We have had a series of situations with four wells.  Neal stated, well 3 went down couple months ago with a bad check valve and pump.  They have been replaced and it is now back up.  With the recent lightning storm we lost both well 8 and 10 from lightning.  Both have been turned into insurance.  Don’s Electric from Ellis is working on the wells and has got well 10 back up but getting variable frequency drive for well 8, which has been tough to find.  Then we had well 11 go down last week.  Woofter is working to get well back up as soon as possible.  It has been a long time since we had our two largest wells down at same time.  Weather has helped us since it has not been real hot.  Hoping to have well 11 up in couple weeks and other well up within a month.  So we have two wells back up and two still down.  Kent stated, at this time we encourage water conservation.  It is not a crisis yet but encourage public to water at appropriate time of day, not during heat of day.  We are able to keep up at this time but just ask citizens to be wise.  If conditions change we will have to take steps for conservation.  Staff is working hard to keep system operating. 
  2. City Commissioners

Vice-Mayor Howard – 1.  Thank you to employees, we appreciate your work.

Commissioner Showalter – 1.  No Report 

Commissioner Myers – 1.  Absent, No Report 

Commissioner Redlin – 1.  No Report 

  • Mayor Thompson1.  No Report 


  1. Under the Authority of KSA 75-4319 (b) (1) for Personnel Matters for Nonelected Personnel – Mayor Thompson made a motion at 6:38 p.m. to recess into executive session under authority of K.S.A.75-4319 (b) (1) for personnel matters for nonelected personnel not to exceed five minutes.   I request the Commission, City Manager and Jeff Dinkel be present.  Vice-Mayor Howard seconded the motion.  MOTION carried by a VOTE of 5-0.  Meeting resumed at 6:43 p.m. 

ADJOURNMENT WAS HAD ON A MOTION BY Commissioner Redlin seconded by Commissioner Showalter.  Motion carried by unanimous VOTE, meeting adjourned at 6:44 p.m.  Next meeting is scheduled for June 20, 2022.


ATTEST:                                                                               Aaron Thompson, Mayor


Mary P. Volk, City Clerk