Housing Rehabilitation Program Grants

Housing Rehabilitation Program Grants

Housing Rehabilitation Program Grants

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The City of Goodland offers Housing Rehabilitation Program Grants to qualified applicants who own and occupy a single-family residential home located within the city’s municipal boundaries.  This grant period is for Fiscal Year 2022, having limited funding of $5,000.

To be eligible for a Rehabilitation Grant, a household must be in the Low Income Household category as detailed in Section 4, Eligible Applicants section of the Home Rehabilitation Program guidelines. (Listed in the link to the packet above)

The Housing Rehabilitation Program Grant is a home improvement grant program that provides homeowners with financial assistance to correct existing or imminent code deficiencies necessary to improve the health and safety conditions in a home and protect the structure. Repair priorities include: roofing, electrical hazards, heating, plumbing, accessibility and foundation. 

This is a grant program, requiring matching funds as detailed in Section 2, Program Guidelines .  The grant program also requires owner occupied structures.  To see the complete set of guidelines and an application, you can access the link above or pick up the packet in person from the City Hall.

You can also call 785-890-4500 if you have any questions

Applications and supporting materials are due by May 31, 2022.