December 6, 2021 Commission Minutes

December 6, 2021 Commission Minutes

December 6, 2021 Commission Minutes

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Regular Meeting

December 6, 2021                                                                                                                              5:00 P.M.

Mayor John Garcia called the meeting to order with Vice-Mayor Jay Dee Brumbaugh, Commissioner Aaron Thompson, Commissioner J. J. Howard and Commissioner Gary Farris responding to roll call. 

Also present were Dustin Bedore – Director of Electric Utilities, Frank Hayes – Chief of Police, Joshua Jordan – IT Director, Kenton Keith – Director of Streets and Facilities, Danny Krayca – Director of Parks, Mary Volk – City Clerk and Kent Brown – City Manager.

Mayor Garcia led Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Agenda – Kent stated, the representative from SCCD is unable to attend tonight, update will be at next meeting.  ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh to approve Agenda as amended seconded by Commissioner Howard.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0. 



  1. Retirement of Deb Wassemiller – Frankie stated, Deb is retiring December 17, 2021, after 18 years of service to the City.  When I became Chief in September, she was my rock.  I appreciate all she does and that she is always willing to help out.  She will be missed and thank Deb for her service.  Mayor Garcia stated, I express gratitude on behalf of the Commission.  Thank you for your service. 


  1. 11/15/21 Commission Meeting Minutes
  2. Acceptance of Election Certification
  3. Appropriation Ordinances: 2021-23, 2021-23A, and 2021-P23

ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh to approve Consent Agenda seconded by Commissioner Farris.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0. 


  1. Termination of Lease: King Air Café – Kent stated, we had a situation come up with the equipment at the café that spurred an issue with this lease.  The equipment was going to be sold to MK&T Consultants, so I spoke with Miguel Montelongo.  He willingly signed a termination of his lease.  We needed to make changes for party responsible for lease.  I spoke with City Attorney, Jake Kling; this is route he indicated to proceed.  We need to approve termination of lease for King Air Café and set up new lease for MK&T Consultants.  It was a situation that evolved quickly with the agreement on equipment.  Mayor Garcia stated, I feel it is a pretty clean process and you informed the Commission that Miguel is no longer financially able to keep up his agreement.   ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh to accept the Termination of Lease: King Air Café seconded by Commissioner Farris.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0. 
  2. New Lease: MK&T Consultants LLC DBA Hangar Café – Terry Leonhart, owner of Hangar Café stated, my biggest concern was that I saw what was going on out there.  I am friends with owners of equipment and they indicated they were in process of selling the business.  The sale happened quickly.  My concern is that was what was representing Goodland.  I want to make it a good restaurant like it was in past years.  I grew up in Goodland, after college I moved to Colorado then later was general manager of a night club.  I retired five years ago and moved back to Goodland.  I apologize we did not get permission first; I did not realize I needed to go through that process.  My heart is all in this business.  Mayor Garcia stated, I appreciate the fact that you stepped up to the plate when you saw what was going on.  It is a big commitment to run a restaurant.  People used to fly into Goodland just to eat at the café and purchase pies.  We have had some good reports already and value your commitment.  Vice-Mayor asked, will your hours be similar to King Air?  Terry stated, yes 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Eventually we would like to consider additional options like being open Friday and Saturday nights and leasing the lobby area outside café for meetings.  Right now we just want to smooth out operations.  Commissioner Thompson stated, I am excited to have you on board with a good restaurant because it has gone downhill.  Though I am less than excited how the transaction took place without coming before the Commission.  I look forward to getting it to work.  Commissioner Howard stated, we need the restaurant, it is a tough business.  Commissioner Farris stated, I knew it was going to be in good hands.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Farris to approve the Lease: MK&T Consultants LLC DBA Hangar Café seconded by Commissioner Howard.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0. Terry thanks the Commission for the opportunity. 
  3. 2022 CMB Licenses – Kent stated, applications from Casey’s, Walmart, and Dollar General have not passed required inspections for license.  I recommend you approve all licenses contingent upon passing required inspections and background checks. ON A MOTION by Commissioner Thompson to approve 2022 CMB Licenses for Pizza Hut with consumption on the premises, and Corner Market, Casey’s, Goodland 24/7 Travel Store, Cowboy Corner Xpress, Dollar General and Travel Center for sale contingent upon passing required inspections and background checks seconded by Commissioner Farris.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  4. 2022 Library Contract – Kent stated, this is the annual contract with the City and Sherman County.  The County approved the contract last week.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Howard to approve the 2022 Library Contract seconded by Commissioner Thompson.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.


  1. City Manager – 1.  Code enforcement has sent out notifications quickly.  2.  We are moving ahead with water assistance program with DCF.  We are getting City set up to accept these payments.  This is another resource for assistance we are trying to broadcast in the community.  3.  With the passing of the local veterinarian and state requirements, we are looking at having a veterinarian from another community present on free animal tag day to give rabies shots.  We feel it will be nice to have service available for the public.  The state has requirements regarding time frame on a veterinarian license before someone can buy the business. 
  2. City Commissioners

Commissioner Thompson – 1.  No Report 

Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh – 1.  The Christmas lights look great, thank you.

Commissioner Howard – 1.  Thank the employees for their hard work, especially the lights around town and in the parks.  They look good.

Commissioner Farris – 1.  No Report 

  • Mayor 1.  Agree with the lights, they look good.  Thank you Deb for your commitment.

ADJOURNMENT WAS HAD ON A MOTION BY Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh seconded by Commissioner Farris.  Motion carried by unanimous VOTE, meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.  Next meeting is scheduled for December 20, 2021.


ATTEST:                                                                                John Garcia, Mayor


Mary P. Volk, City Clerk