Resolution 1559

Resolution 1559

Resolution 1559

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WHEREAS,   Sec. 7-208 of the Goodland Municipal Code establishes it to be unlawful for any person to allow to exist on any residential, commercial or industrial premises, conditions which are injurious to the health, safety or general welfare of the residents of the community or conditions which are detrimental to adjoining property, the neighborhood, or the city; and

WHEREAS,   the property at 1101 Walnut Ave. in Goodland and property owners John and Ina Pharr are found to be in violation of Sec. 7-208 of the Goodland Municipal Code; and

WHEREAS,    it is believed that John and Ina Pharr are both deceased and after reasonable diligence there is no known estate proceeding nor any individual having legal authority over the subject property; and

WHEREAS,    Sec. 7-211(c) of the Goodland Municipal Code provides a process for violation abatement when the whereabouts of the property owner is unknown and cannot be ascertained the existence of reasonable diligence; and

WHEREAS,    the Code Enforcement Officer as authorized representative of the public officer did on January 21, 2020 file an affidavit with the City Clerk pursuant to Sec. 7-211(c) of the Goodland Municipal Code.


SECTION 1. That the City Clerk shall cause this resolution to be published two consecutive weeks in the official City newspaper.

SECTION 2. That the public officer or authorized representative of the public officer shall cause this resolution shall be posted on the premises where such conditions exist.

SECTION 3. That the City of Goodland hereby authorizes the public officer or other agents of the City to abate the conditions causing the violation at 1101 Walnut Ave at the end of two consecutive weeks after the resolution has been published.  

SECTION 4. That all costs incurred as a result of abatement shall be assessed as a special assessment charged against the lot or parcel of land on which the nuisance was located.

PASSED AND ADOPED this 21st day of January, 2020 by the Governing Body of the City of Goodland, Kansas.


John Garcia, Mayor



Mary P. Volk, City Clerk