January 22, 2019 Commission Minutes

January 22, 2019 Commission Minutes

January 22, 2019 Commission Minutes

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Regular Meeting


July 6, 2018                                                                                                                      5:00 P.M.

Vice-Mayor Jay Dee Brumbaugh called the meeting to order with Commissioner Annette Fairbanks and Commissioner Jacque Schields responding to roll call.  Mayor Brian Linin and Commissioner John Garcia were reported absent.


Also present were Dustin Bedore – Director of Electric Utilities, Joni Showalter-Police Chief, Suzanne McClure – Economic Development Director, Mary Volk – City Clerk, and Andrew Finzen – City Manager.


Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh led Pledge of Allegiance



  1. Home Occupancy Permit – 214 W. 12th Street – Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh opened public hearing at 5:01 p.m. Jeanell Tucker stated, I want to put in a medical spa at this location.  Dr. Daise has agreed to be medical director with the thought to eventually bring program into hospital.  Brett Schields stated, the other business we are requesting at this address is a golf simulator; most will use it during winter when cannot get in Country Club.  We feel it will help high school men and women’s golf team with practice.  It is a learning device for golf.  Jeanell stated, the nice thing about our location is we are not impeding traffic from the street or alley.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, these are both good ideas and businesses Goodland does not have.  It will not interfere with golf course.  Andrew stated, the request is consistent with code and we conducted site inspection of property and recommend approval.  Area residents were notified with no comment.  Since the City has no Planning Commission, the City Commission holds hearing.  The home occupancy permit stays with property owner at current residence.  If any dynamic changes, then required to complete process again.  Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh asked, are you considering allowing the simulator to be moved to golf course?  Jeanell stated, we want to see the interest for the simulator.  We are hoping it will help people just beginning to golf if they do not feel comfortable going to golf course.  Brett stated, it can be packed up and taken to range but we would have to have an outdoor license; right now we only have an indoor license.  It will require extra space with a tall ceiling.  Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh stated, we appreciate you investing in Goodland and bringing the service here.  Commissioner Fairbanks asked, when will business be in operation?  Jeanell stated, as soon as we get approval and products.  Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh closed public hearing at 5:12 p.m.





  1. Home Occupancy Permit – 214 W. 12th Street – ON A MOTION by Commissioner Fairbanks to approve Home Occupancy Permit for 214 W. 12th Street seconded by Commissioner Schields. MOTION carried on a VOTE of 3-0.



  1. 01/07/19 Commission Meeting Minutes
  2. Appropriation Ordinances, 2019-02, 2019-02A, and 2019-P02
  3. Reappointment of Dustin Bedore to KMEA Board of Directors
  4. Appointment of Chris Douglass as Alternate to KMEA Board of Directors
  5. Appointment of Rich Simon as Voting Delegate for KRWA Annual Meeting
  6. Appointment of Neal Thornburg as Alternate Voting Delegate for KRWA Annual Meeting

ON A MOTION by Commissioner Schields to approve Consent Agenda seconded by Commissioner Fairbanks.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 3-0.


ADJOURNMENT WAS HAD ON A MOTION Commissioner Fairbanks seconded by Commissioner Schields.  Motion carried by unanimous VOTE, meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.  Next meeting is scheduled for February 4, 2019.






ATTEST:                                                                               Jay Dee Brumbaugh, Vice-Mayor





Mary P. Volk, City Clerk