March 5, 2018 Commission Minutes

March 5, 2018 Commission Minutes

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Regular Meeting


March 5, 2018                                                                                                                              5:00 P.M.

Mayor Brian Linin called the meeting to order with Vice-Mayor Jay Dee Brumbaugh, Commissioner Annette Fairbanks, Commissioner John Garcia, and Commissioner Schields responding to roll call.


Also present were Rich Simon – Director of Public Works, Dustin Bedore – Director of Electric Utilities, Joni Showalter-Police Chief, Suzanne McClure – Economic Development Director, LeAnn Taylor – Municipal Court Clerk/Judge, Joshua Jordan – IT Director, Mary Volk – City Clerk, and Andrew Finzen – City Manager.


Mayor Linin led Pledge of Allegiance





  1. Goodland Public Library – Librarian Karen Gillihan introduced board members present, David Branda, Sharon Gregory, and Lindsey Emig.  Karen stated, we have not attended a Commission meeting in a number years and wanted to give the Commission an update and share events in library and services provided. Libraries have had to change to stay with current times.



  1. 02/20/18 Commission Meeting Minutes
  2. 02/26/18 Special Meeting Minutes
  3. Appropriation Ordinances, 2018-05, 2018-05A, and 2018-P05

ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia to approve Consent Agenda seconded by Commissioner Fairbanks.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.



  1. Pickle Ball at Chambers Park – Andrew stated, this idea has been brought up past few weeks by GAC and other groups wanting to utilize the concrete surface by the gazebo for a court.  Pickle ball is a combination of ping pong, tennis and bad mitten.  Dimensions of the concrete available are 100’ x 60’ while the dimensions for the court are 44’ x 20’.  There are three items we need to discuss: 1. Does the Commission want to approve this use; 2. How many courts do you want, there are room for two, the layout of court and fencing; 3. Do we want permanent nets or a GAC check out system where citizens check out nets, put them up and take down?  Commissioner Fairbanks asked, was this space ear marked for anything?  Suzanne stated, it has been discussed to use for parking but this is a good use.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, this is a sport all ages enjoy.  We will need a fence between courts and gazebo.  Uncertain what the cost would be but feel this is a good idea that will grow.  Where would we get money in our budget?  Andrew stated, the painting would be minimal cost but Tess at GAC talked about recreation grant monies available.  Rich is looking at fencing cost.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, if we put in one court, we need two. Mayor Linin stated, I would like you to work with Tess on a proposal and cost estimate.  Consensus of Commission is for Andrew to present a proposal and cost estimate.  Mayor Linin stated, I would like you to research feasibility to also have area for multipurpose use.
  2. Sales Tax – Andrew stated, an initiative for expiring sales tax has been discussed at previous meetings and will probably be discussed again at Commission retreat.  The tax was put in place with 2012 road improvement bond for $7,900,000 and expires when bond is paid off.  Bond matures in 2023 but we have heard it will pay off earlier, some estimates are in 2019 or 2020.  Is there anything the Commission would like to pursue?  Sales tax is a golden tax that impacts the community residents the least.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, I asked to discuss this since I am uncertain when tax sunsets and do not want us to lose opportunity to continue tax for projects to complete..  There is a number of people in community that want community cleaned up, can a portion of it be used to clean up nuisance property? I feel people in community would like to see money used for that purpose.  Mayor Linin stated, I like that concept, not forever but a portion for a certain number of years.  Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh stated, I would like to get a handle on number on properties that meet criteria then estimate what costs would be for these properties.  If we could get a portion of it for a short period of time maybe we could get to the point we address the structure when we first notice it heading south.  That way we get on the front end of the nuisance.  Everyone has a lot of ideas but have to take care of this issue first.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, the tax is in place we would just be designating a different use for money.  Mayor Linin stated, it would be ideal if we could decrease tax amount and have money left to spend.  There are other ideas we could spend money on.  A group is meeting on a wellness center that may help solidify public trust with help of Hansen Grant.  Another idea is to improve existing structures like Elks and VFW, which was an issue discussed during event center project.  Those are private facilities but possibly we can help with improvements since they are good facilities in community.  The change in use would have to go to public vote.  Andrew stated, there are a lot of projects we could complete using sales tax instead of property tax.  I just want to start dialogue.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, I want to stay on top of this so it does not expire and then we have to work harder to get it back.  We need to get ideas to educate the public.  Andrew stated, payoff of current bond is forecasted for early pay off but uncertain the specific timeframe.  Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh asked, what is time frame for an election so do not get behind?  Mayor Linin stated, it is a process as we have to get question, the publication and education.  Suzanne stated, Dodge City has a why not Dodge tax so they have sales tax for ongoing projects.  When one project is about complete, they have a board conduct a public survey to determine next project.  That may peak interest of voters if they can help pick projects to use sales tax.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, that is a good idea since that was part of the negative feedback on event center.  Commissioner Garcia stated, there are several pieces of the puzzle to reach tax payers; we need to educate voters and the project needs to have an economic impact on community.  We need to work with county to get projects.  The discussion needs to begin now.  I believe the tax will expire 2019 or 2020 to latest.  Education as to what will come out of it for community is important.  Commissioner Schields stated, we need to stay on top of it and not let the tax sunset.  I like idea of using a portion to cleanup community.  I need to inform Commission I had a citizen tell me we pay too much sales tax.  Commissioner Garcia stated, we have to have a plan; we may have bite back from retail but education is key.  Mayor Linin stated, the key is if we can decrease tax a little to complete projects, citizens will be happy.   Everyone has a lot of ideas where money can be used.  Commissioner Garcia stated, the biggest selling point is that anyone stopping in town to shop is paying sales tax, it is not just our citizens.  Goodland is still a community to be reckoned with because people stop here to shop.  Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh stated, in my home town they agreed to increase sales tax if could lower property tax.  It is a big education to citizens as to what those stopping to shop are paying for.  Mayor Linin stated, Goodland sales tax rate is not that far off from other communities.  What is tough is neighboring Colorado that has a low state tax compared to Kansas.  Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh stated, I would like to get about half dozen community ideas.  Mayor Linin stated, we started talking about unfit structures, we need to look at what we would need per year so we know what to ask community for.  We need a plan of projects and costs to determine what level of tax need then survey community.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, at the forum, everyone running for Commission had unfit structures on their platform, so I feel comfortable a portion could go toward that purpose.  Andrew stated, you can draw up the plan however you would like.  It would be good to have projects based on community interest.
  3. Commissioner Retreat Reschedule – Andrew stated, we postponed discussion last meeting, does Commission have ideas when to have retreat?  Consensus of Commission is March 27th at 5 p.m.



  1. Resolution 1517: Designating Depositories – Andrew stated, this is an annual resolution designating bank depositories of City funds. ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia to approve Resolution 1517: Designating Depositories seconded by Commissioner Schields.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  2. Resolution 1518: Unfit Structure at 322 W. 7th – See Resolution 1521
  3. Resolution 1519: Unfit Structure at 823 Cattletrail – See Resolution 1521
  4. Resolution 1520: Unfit Structure at 1405 College Ave. – See Resolution 1521
  5. Resolution 1521: Unfit Structure at 516 W. 15thAndrew stated, Resolutions 1518, 1519, 1520 and 1521 are the first step in unfit structure process for property outlined in each resolution.  The process was began on 1619 Kansas so these are in addition to that property.  The resolution sets public hearing date of April 16th for each property owner to appear before Commission.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Fairbanks to approve Resolution 1518: Unfit Structure at 322 W. 7th St., Resolution 1519: Unfit Structure at 823 Cattletrail, Resolution 1520: Unfit Structure at 1405 College Ave. and Resolution 1521: Unfit Structure at 516 W. 15th St. seconded by Commissioner Garcia. Mayor Linin asked, where does the budget stand if all the properties are demolished?  Andrew stated, we estimate the budget is adequate if five properties are demolished.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.



  1. Parks & Recreation/Tree Board Appointment: Dana Belshe – Andrew stated, at the February 20th meeting it was recommended to appoint Dana Belshe to replace Danny Krayca on the Tree Board. ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia to approve the appointment of Dana Belshe to the Tree Board for a three year term seconded by Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  2. KMEA Board of Directors Appointment: Andrew Finzen – Andrew stated, at the February 20th meeting it was recommended to appoint myself to KMEA Board of Directors. ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia to approve the appointment of Andrew Finzen to the KMEA Board of Directors seconded by Commissioner Fairbanks.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  3. Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Policy (FTA/DOT) – Andrew stated, this is an update of existing policy for van operations.  The policy is the same as existing policy approved by the Commission other than in Section II: Prohibitions, where some of the substances tested for have been combined into the category “Opioids.” ON A MOTION by Commissioner Schields to approve the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Policy (FTA/DOT) seconded by Commissioner Garcia. MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  4. Wolak Building Door Widening – Andrew stated, the City received insurance money from the September 2016 hail storm for the ambulance bay doors at the Wolak Building. We elected not to replace the doors as the hail damage was minor and cosmetic. Now the County is seeking to widen the door from its current 16’ width to a new 22’ so the ambulances are better able to get in and out. The County is asking the City to put the $2,745.60 received towards this door widening, which as a project totals approximately $9,000. While this does not necessarily have to be our expense, I am recommending that we authorize it as I am working with the County on waiving some fees for City-wide cleanup and trying to pursue assistance on our Unfit Structures costs; this would be a nice step towards give-and-take with them.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia to remit $2,745.60 to the County towards the replacement of the 16’ door at the Wolak Building seconded by Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.
  5. Authorization to sign LWCF Assurance Statement – Andrew stated, the City is required to sign the LWCF Assurance Statement annually. I recommend this become an administrative item and authorize City Manager to sign current and future statements.  If the Commission would like the statement to be presented to the Commission for approval we can bring it back to the Commission.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Fairbanks to authorize the City Manager to sign the current and future LWCF Assurance Statements unless otherwise directed seconded by Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.



  1. City Managers Report- 1.  Our new contract cemetery caretaker, Joni Guyer, took over on March 1st. Joni replaces Brett and Jill Berringer whose five-year contract expired on February 28th.  2. We currently have two services out for bid. Pest Control Services for 2018 are being accepted until March 14th at 11a.m., and Contract Mowing Services for 2018 are being accepted until March 28th at 11a.m.  3.  Jake and I are going to work to set up individual meetings with Commissioners to discuss Code Enforcement issues. Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh asked, are these meetings possible under executive session so everyone can discuss thoughts.  Andrew stated, it can and will end up there but taking this additional step.  Commissioner Garcia asked, are you thinking so we can meet as group?  Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh stated, I want to make sure everyone hears same information so we are all on same page.  Commissioner Garcia stated, I like the idea of meeting as a group.  Andrew stated, if that is what Commission would like as long as you know it could be a time consuming issue.  Mayor Linin stated, I agree we want everyone on same page, but open to what Andrew thinks.  Andrew stated, we just need to get everyone up to same dialogue on code enforcement, but it is what Commission would like.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, I feel it will be more time consuming for Jake and you to meet individually and a good idea to meet as a group.  4. March 19th begins a road closure of 17th Street as Scoular is removing a grain dryer.  They estimate it to take two to three weeks, will close street during day and open at night.
  2. Department Heads

Economic Development – Suzanne informed the Commission of the following projects Economic Development has worked on in 2017-2018:

  • Youth Entrepreneur Conference with high school in November sponsored by network Kansas.
  • Picnic in Park with Flatlanders Festival.
  • Directional signage, billboard and signage at City Office.
  • E-Community Loan with Sara’s Beauty Bar for gap funding.
  • Kansas 1A Golf Tournament at Sugar Hills.  Goodland high school would like to consider hosting 3A Tournament in future.
  • International Flying Farmer Convention which is farmers that are pilots. There was a group of about 60 from U.S. and Internationally.
  • Relocate Airport Fire house to make way for Rocky Aviation Hangar.  The firehouse was not in compliance with FAA regulations and would have to be moved sometime. This worked with new business wanting to build hangar to bring business to town.
  • Working with NWT on Goodland Tech Program.
  • Main Street planters and grant for flowers.
  • Mark Dickey jumpstart grant in KS Entrepreneurial program.
  • Applied for waste tire grant with KDHE for eight picnic tables, two which are ADA compliant.
  • Sherman County Clean up Grant which involved college and community members.  The original grant was $20,000 which was utilized by Kanorado for tree trimming and tire removal and Goodland for park equipment improvements.  Some communities did not apply for grant so we were able to apply for additional $10,000 for tree trimming, which is currently being completed.
  • Annual Highway 24 garage sales from Kanorado to Glen Elder, this will occur again in June.
  • Strategic Doing Process funded by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation where several projects are actively being discussed.
  • The Welcome Center is underway.  Staff is working on facility.  Commissioner Garcia stated, Ben Shears indicated the college is willing to help contribute putting in two bathrooms out there.  Suzanne stated, we have one that we will need to remodel but will be discussing this with him.
  • American Implement addition to existing facility.
  • Recruiting a veterinarian to take over the current business. I had a promising prospect and she called today to back out.
  • The NWT Houses constructed with Randy Rhabe.  The construction has been slower than would like as need to get one sold to continue project.
  • ICE House Entrepreneurial Class that James Foster and myself are teaching on Wednesday nights at college.
  • Working on a succession plan for two businesses. It is difficult for owners when they do not have plan in place.
  • Businesses are wanting billboards on interstate which are difficult to obtain.

IT Director – Joshua discussed devices, switches and Wi-Fi units that he services, purchases, maintains and troubleshoots for the City.  He also indicated he reviews daily logs for security breaches that may occur.

Municipal Judge/Clerk – LeAnn went over KS court system and how it layers down to municipal court whose jurisdiction is city ordinances.  Commission was provided facts and figures of cases filed since 1994 and how monies collected in 2017 were distributed.  LeAnn stated, I cannot talk about pending cases and if there are completed cases, it is an open record that you can review paperwork in my office.  All trials are to the court and judge, not a jury.  I maintain court records as required by statute.  The biggest part of my time is spent collecting fees.  As a judge I am on call 24/7 for bond hearings.

  1. Commissioners

Commissioner Schields – 1.  Thanked Andrew for tour of facilities, it was very informative.  I appreciate the passion department heads have for jobs and City facilities.

Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh – 1. Echo Commissioner Schields comments.  I was impressed with the time invested by department heads.  They have saved the City a lot of money because of the leadership in place.  They do a tremendous job and care about their jobs.  We need to take note when they bring requests to the Commission as they do not make request just to be asking for it.  I look forward to citizens seeing how employees take care of our facilities if we get the sales tax.

Commissioner Fairbanks – 1.  Thanks for the department head reports, very informative.  Commissioner Garcia – 1.  Thanks for the department head reports.  2.  Today was there a leadership group meeting?  Andrew stated, we are trying to get community lunch event going but it was cancelled today for lack of interest.  3. Is there additional information on 1619 Kansas?  Andrew stated, the Fire Marshall came out and is investigating.  Mayor Linin asked, what does future hold for property?  Andrew stated, I would be surprised if it was insured but do not see how structure can be repaired.  In Brian’s discussion with property owner, they wanted to demolish property, this may accelerate process.  I feel we continue with unfit process.  4. It is good we are working with County to negotiate fees on nuisance properties as this will help cut costs.
Mayors Report 1.  Echo Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh’s comments, it is informative to know what everyone is doing so we can answer questions from public.


ADJOURNMENT WAS HAD ON A MOTION Commissioner Garcia seconded by Commissioner Fairbanks.  Motion carried by unanimous VOTE, meeting Adjourned at 7:30 p.m.  Next meeting is scheduled for March 19, 2018.






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Mary P. Volk, City Clerk