UTV Ordinance To Go Into Effect

UTV Ordinance To Go Into Effect

UTV Ordinance To Go Into Effect

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There is a new ordinance for work-site utility vehicles, also known as UTVs.  This new ordinance goes into effect on January 3rd, 2017.

In order to legally operate a UTV on the city streets, a tag and inspection will be required.  The cost for the tag and inspection is $25. Inspections will be at 720 Armory Rd by appointment only.

To register your MUV:

  • Contact the Goodland Police Department to make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected.
  • Take your MUV, as well as proof of insurance, to the police department for inspection.
  • Pay the annual registration fee of $25.

The registration plate must be displayed on the UTV/MUV at all times that it is operated on any street in the city.

To be registered for use on city streets, work-site utility vehicles, micro utility trucks and utility terrain vehicles must be inspected for the following equipment requirements:

  • Head lamps
  • Tail lamps
  • Registration tag light
  • Reflectors-rear
  • Stop lamps
  • Turn signals
  • Parked Vehicles: lamps required; color
  • Spot, fog, auxiliary, driving lamps
  • Stop and signal lamps; color, visibility
  • Windshield*
  • Windshield wiper*
  • Braking systems for motor vehicles
  • Horns and warning devices
  • Mirror: left side of vehicle
  • Mirror: right side or inside center
  • Safety belts and shoulder harnesses
  • Mufflers and noise suppressing systems
  • Additional lighting equipment permitted; neon ground effect lighting

*In lieu of these items, googles, a helmet with face shield, or other eye protection is required by State law. 

The ordinance is available <<HERE>>.  A copy of the ordinance may also be obtained from the  Goodland Police Dept.

Additional questions?  Please contact us @ 785-890-4570 or use the contact form below.

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