August 15, 2016 Commission Minutes

August 15, 2016 Commission Minutes

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Regular Meeting


August 15, 2016                                                                                                                             5:00 P.M.

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Brian Linin with Vice-Mayor Annette Fairbanks, Commissioner Gary Farris and Commissioner Gwen Mai responding to roll call.  Commissioner John Garcia was reported absent.


Also present were Rich Simon – Director of Public Works, Dustin Bedore – Director of Public Utilities, Joni Showalter-Police Chief, Suzanne McClure – Economic Development Director, Alex Weis – Code Enforcement, Brian James – Fire Chief, LeAnn Taylor – Municipal Court Judge, Jake Kling – City Attorney, Mary Volk – City Clerk, and Gerry Bieker – City Manager. 


Mayor Linin led Pledge of Allegiance



  1. 2017 Budget – Mayor Linin opened public hearing for the 2017 Budget at 5:00 p.m. There was no public comment.  Mayor Linin closed hearing at 5:01 p.m.



  1. Approval of 2017 Budget – Gerry stated, the Commission needs to approve the budget published for the City. The total budget is $16,521,171 with levy of $1,497,835 or an estimated 49.855 mills.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Mai to approve 2017 Budget seconded by Commissioner Farris.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 3-1 with Commissioner Farris casting the dissenting vote.



  1. Ben Foust – NW Tech Request – Gerry stated, NW Tech has an issue with new Ordinance pertaining to golf carts. Ben stated, the college purchased a Kubota used a little on city streets to do mapping.  We also have an eight passenger golf cart used on the streets around and on campus to do tours.  It is tagged and insured.  Chief Showalter does not have a problem with us using it even though golf carts are prohibited as long as we keep it east of Harrison Street.  We would like the Commission to be aware we only use it on or around campus and maybe a parade once or twice a year.  Gerry stated, I feel the Commission needs to approve use of golf cart on and around campus; these is no problem with parades as we let all types of stuff in parades.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Farris to approve NW Tech’s use of their golf cart on and around campus as long as they remain east of Harrison Street seconded by Commissioner Mai.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0.   
  2. Skyler Goodwin – Tri-County Leadership – Skyler stated, the Tri-County Leadership organization includes Sherman, Rawlins and Cheyenne Counties.  August 24th we are hosting a meeting featuring Ed O’Malley, speaking on challenges in community.  I invite the Commission to the meeting at Wolak Building.  I encourage anyone from community to attend meeting.  RSVP information is on flyer.
  3. Brian James – Brian stated, when I heard the community is losing Gerry I was pretty upset and I want to publicly let the Commission know that I have been here for ten years and served under three City Managers, Gerry has been the best. Gerry let Department Heads do their job and I want to publicly thank Gerry on behalf of Fire and Code Departments.  I challenge the Commission to find someone just as good as Gerry for our community.  Mayor Linin stated, we are hosting a reception Thursday to honor Gerry for his service.  We appreciate his service.



  1. Koal Artzer – Ogallala Commons Summer Internship Presentation – Koal stated, I was a summer intern under Suzanne doing the CDBG survey throughout the City. Koal explained the process he went through to get surveys returned.  The City is closer to goal but have not met our LMI goal so Suzanne will continue the survey process.  Koal thanked Suzanne, Ogallala Commons and Gerry for the opportunity.  The City has a little over 800 surveys returned but need over 2000.  Gerry stated, it was a lot of work and a good experience for Koal.  It is a tough process but we are closer than before we started.
  2. EBH – 2017 Street Improvement Project – Adam Schart, EBH Engineer stated, Gerry asked us to research an upcoming street project.  We have provided a list that includes those we believe are highest priority, then looked at four residential streets in town which are not paved.  The project will include curb, gutter and pavement based on need of the street we are addressing.  We have included the ditch on 18th Street by railroad tracks that has become an eyesore. Completing the list except Eustis and Cottonwood Streets is approximately $1,970,000.  For the ditch we looked at different options but decided to propose a concrete lining in bottom.  We are estimating between $2,000,000 to 2,500,000 for bond, unless we add Eustis and Cottonwood Streets, then the total is approximately $2,800,000.  Even with conservative estimates I think you may only be able to complete one of the streets.  Costs are preliminary and early on the project.  Gerry stated, the City’s current bond pays out in 2017.  If the City does a bond in 2017 the first payment will be due in 2018.  There are several questions the Commission needs to address.  Do you want to add pavement on the gravel streets?  If it is a bigger project do you want to extend term of bond for more than ten years?  We need direction how the Commission wants to proceed with project.  Mayor Linin asked, why have the gravel roads not been paved in past, do we expect growth in areas?  Gerry stated, probably will not make much of a difference but we can eliminate some wear on a grader with paved streets.  Is the Commission satisfied with the streets; I felt we should look at it.  Adam stated, the question is where do we stop; there is always additional curb and gutter that needs replaced.  Gerry stated, I feel drainage ditch needs cleaned up as it is very visible to visitors.  Commission Mai stated, it looks dangerous.  Mayor Linin asked, what are the options on the ditch?  Adam stated, put back to grass, line bottom in concrete, concrete lining or pipes extending to Eustis, which is additional $150,000.  Commissioner Mai stated, it is important to continue improving infrastructure.  I have always wondered why the two streets were not paved, but I am not sure they should be included in project.  Gerry asked, is the Commission comfortable with ten-year issue or do you want to extend longer?  That way Adam knows which direction to head.  The Commission needs to determine what they feel are the priorities.  Vice-Mayor Fairbanks stated, if we do not continue to research, the project will get put on the back burner and not brought up again.  I feel the discussion needs to be on next agenda so we can discuss.  Mayor Linin stated, I would like to think about it and look at streets before I give direction.  Vice-Mayor Fairbanks stated, I suggest this be put on next agenda.  Gerry stated, I feel Cherry Street and the ditch are two priorities.  Mayor Linin stated, I do not feel like I want to go with a twenty bond year issue, but maybe twelve to fifteen year to complete.
  3. Phase II Waterline Improvement Project – Adam stated, previously the Commission talked about utilizing APAC pricing for Phase II of Water Project since the City received a good bid on phase I.  We have been working with APAC to get project in place and are 90% done with plans.  APAC was able to hold pricing basically the same.  Phase I bond was for $2,000,000 and the contract was in the amount of $1,900,000 so we will not exceed bond.  Phase II bond is $1,500,000 which includes $250,000 for meter project. As currently designed the project total is $1,400,000.  Numbers are really tight and we are trying to utilize all bond funds.  At this point we do not have firm grasp of where final number will end up.  We propose to lay low for about a month to know where Phase I project ends up to determine how to proceed on Phase II.  Tonight I need to know whether the Commission is comfortable doing phase II through a change order with APAC or to bid phase II.  Mayor Linin asked, if we bid will other companies be competitive?  Adam stated, if we bid I feel APAC will be low bid because they are eliminating overhead by already being here.  You only received two bids for Phase I and they were not competitive.  You never know though there is a possibility we could get different bids.  Commissioner Farris stated, if we bid we could have a higher bid.  Gerry stated, APAC is holding costs and feel they have worked well with us.  Commissioner Farris stated, if these are water lines that we are having trouble with leaks I feel we should proceed with APAC.  ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Fairbanks to proceed with Change Order for APAC on Phase II of water project as proposed seconded by Commissioner Mai.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0.    




  1. 08/01/16 Commission Meeting Minutes
  2. 08/10/16 Special Commission Meeting Minutes
  3. Appropriation Ordinances, 2016-16, 2016-16A, and 2016-P16

ON A MOTION by Commissioner Mai to approve Consent Agenda seconded by Vice-Mayor Fairbanks.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0.







  1. Unfit Structure: 408 West 6thSummer Sharon stated, we did not finish the roof but it should be done in couple weeks.  We had painting issues with the heat and spray gun.  Mayor Linin asked, do you feel roof and painting will be done by next month?  Summer stated, roof will be done by end of this month.  He is doing good with the roof.  I have not been in contact with Alex and Brian as I broke my phone but I will give them my new number.  We completed cover plates on inside; we are doing more than many others have on their property and want to continue with improvements.  Mayor Linin asked, can Alex do an inspection at end of month?  Summer stated, yes.  Alex showed Commission pictures of progress as of today.  Mayor Linin stated, the Commission wants the same thing as you so you do not have to come before Commission every month. Henry Brassfield citizen stated, I want to get people to collaborate and help them get work done.  I am asking as a citizen we need to help them.  I will haul stuff to landfill.  Vice-Mayor Fairbanks asked, what about cleaning up the yard?  Summer stated, we are working on it and now have help driving to landfill.  Gentlemen from the Mormon church are helping with process also.  I know it has been a slow process and appreciate patience of Commission.  Vice-Mayor Fairbanks stated, please get contact information to Alex and stay in touch.  Mayor Linin stated, I would also request an inspection be done by end of month to proceed with improvements.  ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Fairbanks to table discussion on the Unfit Structure at 408 West 6th until the Commission meeting September 19th seconded by Commissioner Mai.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0.
  2. Sale of Industrial Park: Frontier Ag – Mayor Linin excused himself from the meeting because this item pertains to his place of employment. Gerry stated, the Commission discussed this property last meeting.  I had Jake draft the contract.  Brad Cowan, President and CEO Frontier Ag stated, we are interested in buying these lots in Industrial Park for future development.  If we purchase the land, we will pile corn in bunker this fall.  Jake stated, I am comfortable with contract.  Gerry stated, I want to make sure you are requesting center four lots in park.  Brad stated, the four lots south of the concrete street.  Commissioner Mai stated, I appreciate moving forward with transaction.  Commissioner Farris stated, I feel it will be important for future expansion.  Brad stated, Frontier Ag bought the Sunflower Plant and kept the jobs in town.  Gerry stated, we ensured the contract states the City has first right of refusal.  ON A MOTION by Commissioner Mai to authorize the sale of lots three, four, five and six in block three of the Industrial Park to Frontier Ag seconded by Commissioner Farris.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 3-0.  Mayor Linin reported back to meeting.
  3. Approval of Personnel Handbook – Gerry stated, I hope everyone has reviewed the handbook; there are a number of changes.  We hired Jim Spenser from Hinkle Law Firm to review the book and bring it up to date with current law.  The department heads have reviewed the book and feel it is a good document. The Commission should review the handbook annually to ensure it is up to date with current law.  ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Fairbanks to approve the Personnel Policy Manual seconded by Commissioner Farris.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0. 
  4. Approval of Bid for Trencher/Backhoe for Electric Department – Gerry stated, we received two bids as follows:  Ditch Witch in amount of $87,000.00 after trade and Vermeer in amount of $66,831.40 after trade.  Both bids meet minimum specifications; Staff recommends purchase from low bid.  The cost of equipment set aside in MERF. ON A MOTION by Vice-Mayor Fairbanks to purchase Trencher/Backhoe from Vermeer in the amount of $66,831.40 seconded by Commissioner Mai.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 4-0.   





  1. City Managers Report- 1. Gerry shared a list of ongoing projects with the Commission that Staff is working on.  The list includes a list of proposed projects and issues Staff have been discussing.   Gerry stated, the City has a lot of good things happening.  2. I would like to thank the Commission for their trust in me to manage the City and the opportunity to serve Goodland.  I have enjoyed my time in Goodland. 



  1. Commissioner Reports

Commissioner Mai – 1.  Thanks to Staff for the shelter being up and fence down in timely fashion.  It looked nice for reunion.  2. Wish Gerry well on his new endeavor.  I would ask Department Heads to assist Commission with information we need to be aware of without a manager.

Commissioner Farris – 1.  It has been a pleasure working with Gerry, not happy to see you go but understand it is a good move for you.  2.  Reunion went well and everything looked good around the City.

Vice-Mayor Fairbanks – 1.  Reunion went well and appreciate staff assistance.  Appreciate that the shelter and fence were complete.  2. Appreciate working with Gerry and we will work hard to get someone like him. 

Commissioner Garcia – 1.  Absent, No Report. 

Mayors Report – 1.  They indicated there were 1,100 registered for alumni reunion.  2. I wish Gerry the best, wish you were staying but understand.  Commission is supportive of Staff and will work hard to hire a good replacement.  The process takes time and the Commission would like Staff to have time with applicants as well.  The advertisement is out and applicant’s will be filtered to Commission.  Appreciate Staff maintaining operations, communication will be the key.




ADJOURNMENT WAS HAD ON A MOTION Commissioner Farris seconded by Commissioner Mai.  Motion carried by unanimous VOTE, meeting Adjourned at 6:40 p.m.





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Mary P. Volk, City Clerk