Goodland’s Summer Life is HOT!

Goodland’s Summer Life is HOT!

Sami Windle Around Goodland

Summer time has come to Goodland and with it comes fun! Fun can be found all around Goodland whether it is at the swimming pool, hanging out with friends at the Vault Creamery, or catching a summer game. Goodland’s summer life is hot!

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Unidentified young lady in early cart pulled by pony

We all look for things to do in summer and try to keep cool in the process.  Let’s take a look at some of the fun summer activities that can be found here in Goodland.  The picture to the left shows a young lady in an early cart being pulled by a pony.  While this would not have kept her cool it might have been a way to get into town to meet up with friends.  Today of course we have cars to get us places, but the youth in Goodland also use their cars to hang out in.  Dragging Main Street is a pastime that many of the youth of Goodland have done at one point in their lives.  It is a fun way to spend an hour with friends and meet other youth out enjoying a Friday night.

During summer there is also the chance to take in a game or race.  At Centennial and Memorial Park people of Goodland can take in a baseball game.  During the months of May through August four different groups play games at the park: the GAC Youth and Adult softball or baseball, Youth Girls Fast Pitch, K-18, and the American Legion Baseball.  Come out and root for the home team for some old fashioned American fun!  If you are looking to watch a race, the Swim Team has events held at Steever Water Park that show off the swimming talents of our youth.

If you’re looking to cool off from the heat there’s the pool, the movies or ice cream.  The picture to the right shows the new City Swimming Pool getting ready to open in 1954.  The

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New City Swimming Pool, 1954

Steever Water Park is a great place to cool off in for all ages.  For the daredevil in you, take a slide down one of two water slides, or take a dive off the diving boards.  The pool is a great place to hang out with friends and keep cool, just remember your sunscreen!  Babies and toddlers have their own pool area so even they can have some fun in the sun. 

During the summer months the Sherman County Theater has the summer matinee on Wednesday, where great family films are featured.  If you are looking to relax in the evenings, what better way than to take in a show?  The feature film starts at 7:00 PM daily and is guaranteed a cool place to enjoy. 

Ice cream is something we all scream for, so here in Goodland we are lucky that we have two places to enjoy a favorite frozen treat.  Dairy Queen serves a variety of blizzards and the ever popular dilly bar, while the Vault Creamery downtown serves shakes, malts, and single serve scoops.

When summer rolls around in Goodland there are many different and fun things one can do.  Whether it is taking in a game at the baseball diamond, cooling off in the pool, watching a new movie or eating ice cream there are lots of things to do to beat the heat.  Of course the High Plains Museum has fun activities as well, like scavenger hunts around town or a nice place to cool down and take in some history.  So this summer stop by some local attractions and keep cool!