Why We Love Kansas!

Why We Love Kansas!

Sami Windle News

In the Kansas! Magazine one can find out all about Kansas.  Where good places to eat are, where to look for great entertainment (including jazz festivals), and where we can learn more about the history of Kansas. The magazine is published by Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, offering a fantastic taste of Kansas life in each edition. In the Summer 2012 issue the magazine highlighted the High Plains Museum!

The Museum is featured in a section entitled “20 Reasons We Love Kansas.”  The countdown offers twenty reasons to love Kansas with a brief explanation.  The High Plains Museum is reason number 10! The article highlights our 8,000 piece collection that spans over 100 years of Sherman County history as well as the first patented helicopter and Sherman County’s first car.

So drop by the High Plains Museum to see these items for yourself and experience a “top 20” reason to love Kansas.  Also check out the Kansas! Summer 2012 magazine for more reasons to love Kansas, fun places to see, and to take some pride that your museum was mentioned!

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Carla May 20, 2012 at 8:16 pm

Very cool!