I Pledge…

I Pledge…

Sami Windle Around Goodland

In August people in the community watch a parade on Main Street, watch livestock shows, and go out to the fair to see what clubs have done, and see crafts and photographs.  These things are all brought to us by 4-H and its members.  4-H is an important part of our community that helps organize community events and helps the youth become leaders.

4-H started as a way for youth to have practical hands-on experiences and to share those experiences with adults within the agricultural community.  Researchers found that adults were not likely to try new ways of doing things but youth would and share these new ideas with adults.  4-H connects the lives of youth to the rural community. 

In 1914 Congress passed the Smith-Lever Act and created the Cooperative Extension System at the United States Department of Agriculture which basically nationalized 4-H.  Around 1924 clubs became 4-H clubs and the emblem of the clover was adopted.  For more history visit the 4-H History website.  The four “H’s” are head, heart, hands, and health.  Head represents critical thinking and problem solving, heart represents self-discipline, integrity and communication, hands represent serving others and health represents choosing healthy lifestyles.

4-H Achievement awards banquet. Circa 1957. From 50’s Collection

The picture on the left shows the 1957 4-H achievement awards banquet where Mary Jo Errington and Herschel Pickett are receiving awards.  You can see from the picture that the banquet was attended by numerous 4-H members and that the head of the table probably contained 4-H leaders to hand out the awards.  Today 4-H members have the achievement awards banquet where the 4-H ambassadors hand out the awards.  Children between the ages of 7 and 18 are welcome to join and participate in any club they chose.  Participants can take part in a number of activities that include cooking, sewing, woodworking, dogs, photography, and livestock. 

Fair time is a way for the whole community to see what 4-H members have been up to.  Members work is displayed with the ribbon they earned stated on or near the work.  Fair brings the community together and is a place to see old friends and make new ones.  To learn more about 4-H in Sherman County and ways to get involved in our community visit the Sunflower District #6 Office located on 813 Broadway Room 301 or visit their website.