Let’s Go Fly!

Let’s Go Fly!

Sami Windle Around Goodland

During the 1960’s the Renner Field Municipal Airport was up and running and ready for flight.  People could depart and land in Goodland.  It also has history ties to the 1940’s and WWII pilots.  Today the Renner Field Municipal Airport does not fly passenger planes, it does serve an integral role in the State’s system of airports and serves our community.

Dedication of Central Airlines Service into Goodland Airport. Mayor John Cogswell and Marjorie Cogswell in photo. From the 50’s Collection.

The photograph to the left is of the dedication of Central Airlines service into Goodland.  Mayor John Cogswell and Marjorie Cogswell are two of the people on the steps.  It shows them touring the plane that would have an impact on Goodland.  The next photograph is also a picture of the dedication and inaugural flight of Central Airlines but this shows people from the community gathered to watch.  These photographs were taken in 1960 and help show how important this was for the community.  Even though the airport no longer serves passenger planes, one can still go out to the airport and see where passenger had to check in, and pictures of planes that come into Goodland today.  Also at the airport is the Butterfly Café where breakfast and lunch are served.

Today Renner Field Municipal Airport is recognized as a regional airport by the state and serves all types of general aviation aircraft.  It is publicly owned and has three runways.  The primary runway is 12/30 and is 5,499 feet long.  The second runway is 5/23 and is 3, 501 feet long.  The third runway is 17/35 and is 1,800 feet long.  During the 1940’s when World War II was going on, Goodland’s Airport was used as training for the Glider Pilots.  These were silent aircraft that would fly during WWII and the pilots needed long runways to practice on and areas to complete the pilot camp; Goodland served as one of these spots.  Butterfly Aviation is also at Renner Field Municipal Airport and was founded in 1972 by John and Marilyn Collett.  Butterfly Aviation has a maintenance shop where lots of different small aircraft are worked on including sprayers and 1950s.  There is also a fueling center and flight school offered.

The airport is still used commerically with the use of private charter planes and UPS and FedEx.  Goodland’s Flight for Life is also stored at the airport, which is a vital instrument when getting people who need extra care to Denver, Wichita or Hays.  The City of Goodland is also looking at expanding the runway to comply with FAA regualtions. This project would have the reconstruction of the pavement around the T Hangar and Barrel Hangar Facilities and construction will not start until July or August.  The contract is between the City of Goodland and EBH, P.A.

Dedication and inaugural flight of Central Airlines, 1960. Part of the 50’s Collection.

While the airport may not be in the service of passenger planes any more, it is still thriving.  It helped play a major part in Goodland history, with WWII Glider Pilots coming here for training and for the service that Central Airlines Service offered.  Today it is recognized as a regional airport by Kansas and through Butterfly Aviation offers many different services including a café and flight school.

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J. Carl Hancuff July 25, 2012 at 10:01 pm

I have my brother’s original “Certificate of Graduation” from the ONG Aviation School in Goodland. He graduated in class 42-19B on Augusts 15, 1942. His name was Charles O. Hancuff. The certificate is signed by Paul Garrett (Air Force Supervisor) and Wm. O. Ong, Contractor. I hope to visit Goodland in the near future.