2021 Chip Sealing Notice

2021 Chip Sealing Notice

2021 Chip Sealing Notice

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It is anticipated that the streets specified below will be chip sealed July 29th and 30th, barring unforeseen weather or mechanical difficulties.  If your property is located along these areas, you will be notified of the exact date via
hand-delivered door flyer.  Please move your vehicles away from the street for the 24-hour duration of the indicated date, beginning at midnight, so the street can be cleaned prior to the chip sealing.  Any vehicles not moved from the street will be towed.  Also, we kindly ask that you do not water your yard that morning so that crews can chip seal streets effectively.  Streets being chip sealed will be blocked to any and all through traffic for approximately two hours depending on weather conditions.  This notice will be published on the City of Goodland website and Facebook page, as well. 

Streets being chip sealed:

13th St./Broadway Ave. to East End

Harrison Ave. – 1st St.to 10th St.

Eustis Ave. – 2nd St. to 4th St.

Walnut Ave. – 8th St. to 2nd St.

Tolkes Ave. – Willow Ave. to Caldwell Ave.

Wyoming Ave. – 17th St. to 8th St.

Texas Ave. – 17th St. to 10th St.

4th St. – Kansas Ave. to Main St.

Cattletrail Ave. – 8th St. Section