April 15, 2019 Commission Minutes

April 15, 2019 Commission Minutes

April 15, 2019 Commission Minutes

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Regular Meeting


April 15, 2019                                                                                                                              5:00 P.M.

Mayor Brian Linin called the meeting to order with Vice-Mayor Jay Dee Brumbaugh, Commissioner Annette Fairbanks, Commissioner John Garcia, and Commissioner Jacque Schields responding to roll call.


Also present were Rich Simon – Director of Public Works, Dustin Bedore – Director of Electric Utilities, Joni Showalter-Police Chief, Brian James – Fire Chief, Mary Volk – City Clerk, and Andrew Finzen – City Manager.


Mayor Linin led Pledge of Allegiance





  1. Big Kansas Road Trip (BKRT) & Biking Across Kansas: Donna Price, CVB Director – Donna distributed T-shirts to Commission. Donna stated, the shirts are for when people come to Goodland they know who can answer questions.  We have road trip books out that are going out like crazy.  We have statistics from our analytics, we are reaching many media viewers.  We are very busy with requests to send out information for BKRT; we are also including information on Goodland.  Goodland Star News along with other media outlets have done some advertising and interviews.  BKRT started through the Kansas Sampler Foundation.  There has never been a similar event in Northwest Kansas.  Registration and tents will be set up by VanGogh.  The difficult thing is we do not know how many people will participate in event because not everyone will register.  People are in individual cars then there is a bus for tours.  We are estimating numbers to be 500 to 1,000 but feel we are estimating low with responses received.  We will use directional signs so people know where things are happening.  We have ninety-six events in Sherman County.  There will be additional events that are not listed in book.  The event is May 2nd through 5th and it will be good for all counties involved.  Commissioner Garcia stated, you have done a good job on advertisements.


Bike Across Kansas (BAK) is coming to Goodland June 7th and leaving the 8th.  They expect 850 people for event.  We have toured high school where most bikers will stay.  This number includes riders, support staff, and some family members.  We are working with GHS Cheerleaders and Land and Sky for the meal on 7th then breakfast on the 8th.   Reservations are coming into hotels as some will stay there.  We also have the Model-T group coming through June 29th to the 30th who are traveling coast to coast and spending a night in Goodland.

  1. Code Enforcement Officer Introduction: Dakota Roubideaux – Brian introduced new Code Enforcement Officer Dakota Roubideaux, who transferred from the Street and Alley Department.  Commission welcomed Dakota.



  1. 04/01/19 Commission Meeting Minutes
  2. Appropriation Ordinances, 2019-08, 2019-08A, and 2019-P08

ON A MOTION by Commissioner Garcia to approve Consent Agenda seconded by Commissioner Schields.  MOTION carried on a VOTE of 5-0.




  1. Advertising and Signage – Commissioner Fairbanks stated, last meeting we discussed amenities we will have with the Topside Trail.  Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh brought up idea to share costs with CVB, Economic Development and City of Goodland since we all benefit and work to bring people to Goodland.  I attended CVB meeting to suggest possibility of sharing future advertisement.  Our idea was well received; however, CVB just updated sign overlays so will not be interested in redoing them for a while.  They suggested we contact Leon Volk from Commercial Sign since we do not know where things will head with Lamar Signs.  Andrew and I met with Leon for options.  Leon stated, I encouraged Commissioner Fairbanks to look at long range view since public entities can own their own signs.  Commercial businesses cannot put up new signs but Cities can.  If you want a sign along interstate you can put up to a 900 square foot sign.  If you lease a commercial sign, you would have owned your own sign by the time you pay the life of the lease.  If want to increase the profile of your community, this is the way to advertise.  When you lease sign over 30 years you could have about $150,000 invested in the sign.  It is more expensive up front to buy own sign, but long term it is more beneficial.  Donna stated, CVB owns our two signs and turned back other leased signs.  When you pay $300 per month for the lease and replace vinyl about every two years, owning your sign will pay for itself in four to five years.  Federal law is written that if 70% or more of a sign comes down, you cannot replace or maintain them.  Mayor Linin asked, how does it work to own a sign? Leon stated, if you do an official sign within three miles of town that is 10 x 30, it would cost about $15,000.  At $275 per month on a commercial lease it pays out in four years.  A directional sign is limited to 150 square feet, cost would be approximately $8,500.  Every sign along interstate looks same, if want to be creative people will remember your sign because you set yourself apart from other exits and communities.  The VanGogh is marketed for Goodland.  It is tough to get many communities to work together on the image of their community.  It is important to work together.  The opportunity is there it just depends how much you want to invest in your sign.  As a municipality you can have one official and three directional signs going either direction.  Mayor Linin asked, how do you find a site?  Leon stated, you just have to look around for land people would agree to lease to you.  If you are considering signage take a long term view of it.  Once lease is up you have a sign forever.  Hardest part about owning your own your sign is maintaining the sign.  Commissioner Fairbanks asked, an official sign is within three miles of town?  Leon stated, that is requirement, but Kansas is fairly lenient.  Directional signs are within seventy-five miles of community.  Donna stated, we pay $100 a year on land lease the other is not requesting a lease payment.  Anything you can do to compete against other exits will help community.  This is something simple that can set you apart from other communities.  Mayor Linin stated, I like flexibility for municipality when look at long term view.  Commissioner Fairbanks asked, what is turnkey package with Commercial Sign Company?  Leon stated, you have to make application to the State once you have a site.  Once you approve your copy, the State must also approve to ensure meets requirements.  You might want to have a rider on your insurance.  Commissioner Fairbanks asked, will you help us through all the steps.  Leon stated, yes we are able to; once you pick out sight, paper work is minimal and would need to come up with design.  Leon stated, I wanted to make sure you knew what is available.  Mayor Linin stated, I like the thinking of doing something unique.  I feel we need to pursue this option and figure how we can fit it in our budget.
  2. Pool Fees – Andrew stated, part of process to open pool is to evaluate all our fees.  Rich and Barb Bedore discussed fees and propose following changes: Daily fees ages 5 years to adult from $3.00 to $5.00; Individual Season Pass from $45 to $65; Family Season Pass from $90 to $150; 14-day Punch Pass from $40 to $50; Swim Lesson from $25 to $40; then Friday Swim from $1.00 to $2.50.  Proposed changes are in line with Colby fee structure.  Pool does not pay for itself and by increasing fees it still will not pay for itself.  As budget becomes more constrained, we need to evaluate our fees.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, the change in family season pass is fairly drastic.  Commissioner Schields stated, I agree and seems high; Colby and Hays have more to offer at their pool.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, I have no problem with any of the changes except the family season pass.  Rich stated, the costs are the same for us as it is for other communities to operate pools.  Mayor Linin stated, we can adjust some if need to.  I understand concept of the pool but do not want it to get to where people cannot afford to take children swimming.  When you think how many hours of entertainment they get for this cost, it is reasonable.  Commissioner Garcia stated, we have to look at our economic situation, the pool will never be money making situation.  I feel increases should be in phases.  Pool is not a place to make-up ground.  Commissioner Fairbanks stated, the pool is something we have to give back to community and will never break even.  I am fine with changes except increase for family season pass is steep.  Rich stated, they may complain but they will be back.  Commissioner Garcia stated, they will not visit pool as often with people operating on tight budgets.  Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh stated, I would like to know how many families use their season pass every day.  Andrew stated, we restrict family pass to immediate family only.  I would like to provide more financial breakdown on numbers and bring back to Commission.
  3. Dog Park Rules – Andrew stated, this is a draft of dog park rules as we finish construction of park.  We have no policies for dogs off leash and dog parks.  This is a draft policy for Commission to review, most are fairly common policies in communities.  If you have questions, let me know.
  4. Review of Board Applicants – Sherida Shoff submitted an application for re-appointment to the Library Board.  If there are no concerns we will appoint her next meeting.



  1. City Managers Report- 1. Dispatch remodel is proceeding quickly.  2. On the street project, 10th Street should be open next Wednesday then they will begin work on Eastridge.  3. Water lines and pads for the benches have been run at the dog park.  We have contracted with Associated Insulation from Manhattan for asbestos abatement at Motel 7 property in the amount of $25,683.  They plan to begin work April 22nd and be done in May.  5.  As a reminder, spring cleanup is scheduled for April 30th to May 3rd6.  We are rescheduling Arbor Day celebration, will inform you when have new date.  8.  Joint City/County Commission meeting is scheduled for April 16th at 7:30 a.m. at Wolak Building.  9.  We have received the signed contract back today for 1008 Main, so we are proceeding on that property.  10.  The Intern we were hiring with grant from Dane Hansen Foundation took a job and will not be able to complete work.  It is too late to get a replacement at this time.
  2. Police Chief – Joni stated, last year the Commission passed the alarm ordinance, which has shown to be beneficial as calls are down 78% from last year.  We have taken an initiative on enforcement of traffic and accidents are down 30%.  Citations have gone down and have issued more warnings.  We are participating in the education aspect which puts our department into a drawing for equipment.  Recently we received a PBT and $2,000 in camera equipment.  Upcoming we are hosting training by Car Fax. When participating with their initiative we will get new tools. We are also working with KHP, KDOT, KBI and High Plains Mental Health on training events.  Officer Windle is now certified in defensive tactic training.  Our bicycle roundup is scheduled for May 29th.  Other upcoming events are the torch run and fair for the Special Olympics.  Corporal Erhart is completing a six-week training course in Pennsylvania for new K-9 officer on Friday. We have seen positive reinforcement with our ride a long policy.  We have been fortunate to have been invited to other communities and colleges to speak to classes.  Duncan Kroskey has been our intern this year from the high school and Brandy Ballentine from NWTC CSI program.  We have been asked by Department of Justice to participate in an encrypted data project which will help pay platform in future.
  3. Commissioners

Vice-Mayor Brumbaugh – 1.  No Report

Commissioner Fairbanks – 1.  No Report

Commissioner Garcia – 1.  No Report

Commissioner Schields – 1.  No Report

  1. Mayors Report No Report


ADJOURNMENT WAS HAD ON A MOTION Commissioner Garcia seconded by Commissioner Faribanks.  Motion carried by unanimous VOTE, meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.  Next joint meeting is scheduled for April 16th and next regular meeting is scheduled for May 6th.






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Mary P. Volk, City Clerk